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Expansion of Fiat plants in Italy for the Stromer offensive

The future of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Italy becomes electric. At the Melfi plant, located approximately 150 kilometers east of Naples in the middle of Pampa, all plug-in hybrid versions of the various corporate brands will be built in the future.

Jeep starts. Still only practiced and built the corresponding production line. But from January 2020, the Jeep Compass will be produced in Melfi in addition to the compact Jeep Renegade, which has been built for Europe since 2014 in Italy. In the last five years, approximately 900,000 Renegades have been built in Melfi, sharing the platform with the Fiat 500X. In total, approximately 7.4 million vehicles have been driven off the production line since 1994 – especially the Fiat brand.

Large Model Offensive

Compact SUVs currently account for about 45 percent of all SUV purchases in Europe. While the two combustion engine Jeep model series are also being built in various other locations (from Mexico via India to China), the rechargeable hybrid models will only come from Italy in the future. For FCA, the production of the Jeep Compass at the Melfi plant is part of a "far-reaching model offensive". Over the next few years, they will introduce "a total of 13 brand new or comprehensive modernized models". The electrification of the product range "with the presentation of twelve electric vehicles – either completely new or based on the existing model series" will further stimulate this.

Large investments are made in Melfi

The Melfi plant became structurally weak only 25 years since the southern Italian region of Basilicata opened – not least with the strong support of the Italian government. In 2021, FCA wants to invest in Melfi five billion euros. The plant employs about 7,300 people, of which about 4,000 are in assembly.

Mirafiori also becomes electric

In addition to Melfi, the Mirafiori plant also produces Maserati's electrically powered Fiat 500 BEV and hybrid and electric models are modernized. In addition, production of the carrier Fiat Ducato Electric and the new Alfa Romeo Tonale is planned in Italian factories.

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