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Exchange selection to Bundesrat – Why does CVP count with Heidi Z? – News


The choice of Heidi Z & GGG on the CVP two-ticket was a surprise. She also has tactical reasons.

There is no simple explanation as to why the CVP fraction is dependent on the Valaisian Viola Amherd and the Urinator Heidi Z graggen. Group members describe several considerations behind this choice. Some Amherd supporters would have chosen the Zebra, it is said that they could become less dangerous as outside Amherd than about the government councilor Peter Hegglin.

For certain reasons, some Amherd opponents would have chosen ZG. Thus, they could neutralize two Valais characteristics that would have benefited her in other two-ticket constellations: the wife and the mountain representative. The Heidi Ziggggen also comes as Uri from a mountain canton.

The Gragg's choice to reject Hegglin

Other CVP MPs would signal with the Amherd / Zombie dude modernity or put on the surprise effect. In addition, the choice of ZGGGGG was a deliberate attitude towards the government council Peter Hegglin. Zuger was considered by many a tough economic politician who, in the struggle for the economic equalization of the cantons too much for the interests of the donor lane office, following the death of federal councilor Doris Leuthard Parliament, two politicians are now available, which are very similar: both have more than a decade of executive experience – Amherd as Mayor of Brig-Glis, Z & GGG as Justice Director of Uri – and both women politicians are consensus-oriented and goal-oriented.

Left and Right of the Middle

Recently, the signs have increased that Parliament's left side wants to rely on Viola Amherd because she is liberal in socio-political issues like "Marriage for All". If Heidi ZGGGGG wants to become a federal adviser, she must win SVP and right bourgeois. She has already sent out the first signals to this page. In interviews, for example, she spoke for a tougher line with the EU than Amherd. But is she right?

It is not easy to compare positions, because the Zebra, as a member of the government, has made some statements about national issues so far. A few reference points are provided by the Smartvote Policy Evaluation Tool, based on an identical questionnaire. Here there is no clear difference between Amherd and Zgraggen in the left-right order.

Benefit for Amherd?

About the welfare state's questions, migration policy and foreign policy, Amherd's views are a little more than the Zombie's problem. Valais advocates a more developed welfare state and a more open foreign policy than Uri. In economic and fiscal matters, they are approximately equally positioned. Z & # 39; graggen is more committed to protecting the environment and nature than Amherd. Thus, it remains in this regard.

The starting point is exciting. In the next few weeks, the candidates in so-called hearings will ask questions from the political groups. Viola Amherd will surprise some because she is in the National Council for twelve years – they are famous. The hearing of the Heidi ZGGGGG, on the other hand, is the first meeting of Uri politicians for many members of the German parliament. It depends on these ideas about Heidi ZGGGGG can compensate for the disadvantages for her.

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