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Ex-chief of the bank Cler again reappears for Eklat

In a statement, the leadership of Bank Cler closed last August. Now, the former chief soon rises in the business leadership of one of the largest Swiss banks.

The Postfinance Board of Directors appointed Sandra Lienhart to the new Leiterin Retail on March 1, 2020. This shared the post daughter on Monday. Lienhart follows in the new function on Sylvie Meyer, who went to Frühpension at the end of January.

Lienhart then gives a recurring comeback after a feud. Last August she returned as Head of Bank Cler, closed with CFO René Saluz and Deputy Manager Peter Schnellmann, who also reported finews.ch . These, after the Cler-Mutter ̵

1; the Basler Cantonal Bank (BKB) – announced that both institutes would dissolve one another, while the BKB group threatens to drop up to 40 positions altogether.

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Some Challenges

Now the banker assumes the central sphere in the post-finance business. The retail area, with more than 1,000 co-workers, includes the physical and digital sales, the marketing as well as the contact center and serves around 2.5 million private and 275,000 business customers, as it held in its Monday morning announcement. [19659003] There are some challenges at Lienhart. Due to the low interest rate environment and the proper credit ban, the postal services business model aimed at retail customers is in a negative spiral; Postfinance counterbalanced the loss of life partly with a deterioration of the condition, which should have contributed to the loss of customers.

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However, the manager has grown steeply. In the year 2017, she took over from Bank Cler Knall on the case of its predecessor Hanspeter Ackermann, who completed the conversion of Bank Coop to Bank Cler and had the institution as a digital daughter of BKB re-arranged. At the top of Cler, Lienhart pursued that strategy, even though she was announcing postfinance as a "pioneer of digital banking." Higher appeal?

The arrival of the banker, in addition to the speculation, indicates whether Lienhart is not even higher at the Postbank. Under Hansruedi Köng, who has served as CEO for a good seven years, the institute of liberation from the ill-fated position has not succeeded. In the case of postfinance, it should be noted that such consultations are not an issue. Lienhart is himself proposed to the Board of Directors of Köng and is the actual candidate of the CEO.

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