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Europa League: Do Napoli-Ultras go to Zurich fans?

Walking through the old town can be dangerous in Naples! Because of the Naples ultrasounds, the police informs FCZ fans of open wear of scarves and sweaters.

The first part of the Europa League sixteenth final in Zurich sold out with 24,000 fans Letzigrund a football festival. Actually. Because before the kick-off, there is a riot between FCZ and Napoli's chaotic.

It slams, it starts to beat, it will chase scenes at a tram stop and in the neighborhood. Help is over quickly. But the attack is taken as provocation. Now it can come to rematch in southern Italy for revenge. On social media threats from Naples-Ultras rounds: "We kill you!" Or, "In Naples no one can protect you!"

No jerseys, scarves and flags

This is a threat, including the Italian police seem to take it seriously. The authorities have provided FCZ with advice on how the arriving fans from Switzerland should behave in Naples. And the club now fans through the website, so many travel individually to southern Italy. About 2500 FCZ fans and sympathizers will be present in the arena.

The Zurich Annex recommends that you refrain from fanarticles during city trips in the Old Town. So no sweaters, scarves and flags. A look like a regular tourist for your own safety!

According to BLICK information, the violent, small part of the complex and heterogeneous river scene in Naples lurks mainly at Zurich's train station and airport.

Magnin on the Europa League Bankruptcy

"Napoli did not underestimate us as we had hoped"

FCZ at the hotel on the promenade

The police also demanded that they explicitly refrain from individual arrival at the stadium on the match day by subway. The clear statement: The police cannot guarantee the security of individual FCZ fans moving alone in the city.

On the match day, all FCZ fans should be gathered at the port of Piazza Municipio. From there, extra buses go directly to the stadium and back again after the game. At the San Paolo stadium itself, personal tickets should guarantee the order and separate fan bearings.

Obviously, Zurich has less to worry about than the fans. On arrival on Wednesday, the military and police at the airport monitor the transfer to the bus, as well as in front of the hotel directly by the sea.

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