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EU survey: Over 80 percent want to get rid of time change

In the EU summer time survey, the vast majority of participants voted to end the transition in the spring and autumn.

A report from the "Westphalia post" was confirmed to the German press office on Tuesday evening in Brussels. However, the EU Commission has not officially commented on the outcome.

More than 80 percent of participants asked for information from the magazine for an end of back and forth. Most would dump information about a permanent summer time. Of the 4.6 million participants, more than three million are from Germany.

The investigation is not the only criterion

The EU Commission had announced only the number of participants after the public consultation in mid-August, but nothing was yet to be achieved or regional distribution of participants said. It has been quiet since then.

A spokesman said Tuesday evening that Commissioner Violeta Bulc would first inform internally about the results, then the Commission will discuss the next step.

The Brussels Authority is currently investigating the European Parliament's invitation, how to proceed with the time change regulated by EU legislation. However, according to the Commission, the online survey should not explicitly be a referendum or give rise to the only outcome.

The European Commission can only submit proposals

Participants can indicate whether they wish to continue the amendment or request cancellation. And they could check if the cases were going to be quite permanent, the summer or winter should apply.

The CDU member Peter Liese and Umsetzgegner said "Westfalenpost", he put on a quick proposal from the European Commission for abolition, "Thus, the law may go before the elections to the European Parliament next May," said Liese. "If the outcome of a consultation is so obvious, the European committees should not ignore it."

However, the time change seems to be a very big issue, especially in Germany. However, a new regulation should apply throughout the EU.

The European Commission is entitled to propose that the European Parliament and the Member States decide. The EU countries should then be able to decide whether they want a permanent summer or winter season all year round. (SDA)

Published on 29.08.201

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