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ESC: Zibbz singer Corinne «Co» Gfeller has become a mother

Last year she sang at the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland, almost a year later her next adventure begins: Zibbz singer Corinne "Co" Gfeller has become the mother of a son!

While Luca Hänni (24) fought for the best possible ranking for Switzerland in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, last year's competitor Corinne "Co" Gfeller 33), Sibling-duo Zibbz, a singer in his own right, gave birth to his son .

Shortly after Sunday at midnight at 03:33, his son Bowie Leon saw the light of day. Father Yves (37), Mom Co and the child are happy and well, the Wonne plug is 52 inches long and weighs 3.33 kilos. "We are in love with both ears," says Gfeller about the offspring.

Even before birth, musicians said that it could begin with birth exactly during the Eurovision Song Contest. "I will then follow him with a lot of ice cream on the couch," said the "Stones" singer at that time. Now she has to see Lucas's handsome glamorous performance in the recording – but with a new sweetheart in her arms. (IMH) [19659025]
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