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Elections for the US House of Representatives are repeated

Republican Mark Harris won the vote in November. But because one of his employees had cheated, the election must be repeated.

In the US House of Representatives, the election for a place in the state of North Carolina must be repeated. An associated Republican Republican candidate, Mark Harris, who was defeated narrowly by the November election, is said to have used dishonest practices. Harris himself said at a hearing on Thursday that he believed the conditions were met for a repetition. A Harris employee allegedly manipulated the postal vote.

Harris's own son, a prosecutor, admitted at a hearing that he had warned his father. He had previously said there were no warnings and that the issue was a damaging invention by the Democrats.

Trump supported Harris

Democrats' supporters demanded Thursday that Harris renounce his counterpart Dan McCready's seat. The victory was clearly snatched from this. Harris, a right conservative pastor whose candidacy was explicitly supported by President Donald Trump, had a margin of less than 1,000 votes despite his manipulation.

If the new election is now won by a democratic candidate, it would hardly be the case in the House of Representatives noticeable effects. The Democrats have a clear majority there even without a seat from North Carolina. (SDA) [19659009]
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