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Election 2019: CVP continues controversial campaign and starts phase 2

CVP President Gerhard Pfister defends the party's campaign in a background discussion. Image: KEYSTONE

CVP continues controversial campaign – and starts phase two weekend

Negative campaign, dirty campaign, hunting campaign: CVP had to Listen to their Google campaign in recent days. In a background call, she defended the campaign. Already on the weekend, it will start in phase two.

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It was – as President Gerhard Pfister ̵

1; "totally surprised" by the scale and intensity of the indignation that triggered the Google campaign, says National Councilor Andrea Gmür, who works for the Council of States in Lucerne.

At the end, she was regularly informed about the campaign. Like all group members and also all cantonal parties. They were kept updated on what the party was planning. In collaboration with the agency Enigma, which also works with former Secretary-General Béatrice Wertli. She had started the campaign when she was still CVP's ​​secretary general. At Enigma, however, she goes in for the CVP campaign.

Andrea Gmür: "It's a new campaign." Image: KEYSTONE

This is confirmed by National Councilor Gmür after the CVP background discussion. "It's a new campaign that you have to get used to first." Look at the "silent", there are only two things: "Candidate X is running for party Y. And the party is in position Z." For it is important that the party's positions coincide with that of the person.

This is what Gerhard Pfister says about the controversial campaign on Friday. Video: © sda-Video

This is the campaign trick

The purpose of the online campaign is to make CVP's ​​positions more widely known to the public, with a provocative comparison of the positions of other parties. To this end, the Agency has prepared background pages for all Members of Parliament who are again candidates for the State or State Council in 2019.

For example, anyone who searches for "Ruedi Noser" on Google will get an "ad" on the page www.kandidaten2019.ch, If you click on it you will find a website in the light and dark blue FDP design. Only at second glance – the orange data protection field is a first clue – it becomes clear that this is a CVP page.

CVP page of FDP Council of States Ruedi Noser.

"How safe are our pensions in the future?" Is the question on the page. Then the Zurich Council of States plays: "Ruedi Noser runs for FDP," it says. And: "FDP makes a strong target for the retirement age of 67 for men and women. FDP puts individual self-responsibility over everything." In orange it says, "Show me real solutions." They appear on the other half of the page, with the CVP logo.

After Andrea Carmi from her Cantonal party on the campaign had been notified, she had replied. "I found it unfortunate that the name of adviser Damian Muller appears in conjunction with the dilution of the CO2 law," she says. «This is the FDP's position in the National Council. Meanwhile, FDP has corrected its position. And State of Müller as a pioneer in the CO2 law was an important role in this correction. "Gmür, which is conducting a joint council campaign with Müller, achieved a correction in the party.

This is how phase two and three look

This weekend, CVP wants to light up the second phase of the campaign. The search terms are expanded. terms such as "healthcare costs," "federal elections," and party names.

In a third phase just before the October 20 election, CVP wants to show its content via Facebook to potential voters. Those on Facebook are interested in the Google campaign for CVP and visited their website will probably receive CVP advertising on Facebook CVP itself does not collect data with the campaign, they emphasize in the party. (Bzbasel.ch)

National Councilor: The Biggest Tails

«It is the last countdown »

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