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Eismeister Zaugg: The EV Zug, Genoni and the Video Wahn in the Playoff Final

Stronger backlog: Leonardo Genoni and the SC Children on the way to the title Image: KEYSTONE

A wholesale, a polemic that ended and the "Video Wahn"

This Niederlage was more dramatic and easier to read than anyone who has ever had a history. Aber is about to be over everything so who ever was. The SCB wins 3: 1 and still needs another title for the title.

Warum meet that Zuger nicht ins Tor? Hinterher is the bullying gross, defamation of bills and declarations, this being different, so called mice. So much like tears like it.

Aber das wäre inexpensive Polemik. If there is any offensive behavior, there will be no defects, errors or shortcomings that may be incurred by the trainer or the player. , those who are still like one another and the magic of Leonardo Genoni. When the Stürmer one torch with such legendary butt winds mice, then one of the wins, monkeys separated price delusions became homesick. If you don't know that goals are hexes. Provocative can reduce the entire batch to a single scene: that Zuger has lost his fourth game with a single shot. In the first Powerplay of the Berner Gaëtan Haas tricks 1

: 0. It is just the sixth switch-over. This is one of the shells that was not recovered from the glare and the weather,

Up to this time, the Bernese people have dominated water, land and air. With those best, most powerful, fastest hockey, to them are good minds. Yes, with just one security not having played this season better than up to that youthful 0: 1. Aber won't see you. Only the Torumrandung by Dario Simion. Everything else spoils Leonardo Genoni.

This is a feature of this Final: Zug has one more party request

  • 32:18 in the final (4: 1)
  • 25:23 in the second final (2 : 3 nV)
  • 30:27 in the final shit (1: 4)
  • 39:17 in the fourth final (1: 4)

Zug loses such spectacularness as the unique Geni Hasler im Sägemehlring. The most spectacular Offensive Swinger in history is the best "boss", there was no artifact and, after all, he has left his worst man in the middle of a child. In the end-of-the-year Schlussgang 1989, Adrian Käser walked.

To this spectacular Niederlage in the fourth final game, he remembers that the Zuger is still gaining ground. Wohlverstanden: a Spitzfindigkeit. Nicht een Fehlentscheides

Lawyer Spitzfindigkeit

In the 31st minute, Garrett Roe im Powerplay ranks 1: 1. There is much room for this party to have a different turn. The judge cancels the hit after the video consultation on the disability of the drivers.

In fact, close studies of lauding pictures suggest that Leonardo Genoni is inherent in some freedom of movement in the room, encouraging Pucks's network. Only this disability is so insignificant and so long before the final Torschuss, that they hate ignoring were. Poor hatred ignored mice. The Aberkennung lies in the Graubereich of Fairytale Games. The Zuger became an up-and-coming regulator of spitz.

These scenes are a strong argument on the "Video-Wahn" endings. Puck drin. Puck cousin. With the shit, cousin with the shit is, it should have been checked. Everything else is simply crazy. If thorns were seized by a rare insect, then one can find one forgiveness, including the letters, commas and rules of the rules.

If this 1: 1 is recognized by the arbitrator, then no human being on that one Planets day by day are being chased. The next step of the whole "Video Wahns" is likely to be the obligation of Video Jurists. Undoubtedly, the Referee said such "video discretion" of the game.

SC Children with experience and discipline

Getting back to the game: After the excitement and inquiries on the not-acknowledged end-of-life, it was launched. It is 0: 1 supported. Monkeys that interfere with the Zuger welds through the transmitter and concentrate on play. The Bernese cousin. Your experience and your discipline is Gold. The second hit is just a matter of time. Has fallen into the 37th minute. Weather by Gaëtan Haas

In addition, SCB has awarded one candidate for the most popular player (MVP) award from the cabin. Gaëtan Haas has all the matches in the game at all. In spite of SCB, six distinct final torso are found in SCB.

Experience and discipline help the child, the brain spine, to cope as well as collect his forces and control Leonardo's genius.

would be on the lookout for start-up event, that everything is like it, who ever was. It is the chronicle of duty. Nicht seine Bösartigkeit. He also reads our Tobias Stephan and his attention as Dino Stecher of the 21st century. As the best mehrfachen Final-goalie, there has not yet been Meister. Here's the official Final Stats League with the Quota.

  • 1. Final: SCB – Zug 1: 4
    Leonardo Genoni 90.32%. – Tobias Stephan 94.44%
  • 2. Final: Zug – SCB 2: 3 n.V
    Leonardo Genoni 92.00% – Tobias Stephan 86.96%
  • 3. Final: SCB – Zug 4: 1
    Leonardo Genoni 96.67% – Tobias Stephan 88.46%.
  • 4. Final: Zug – SCB 1: 3
    Leonardo Genoni 97.30% – Tobias Stephan 88.89%

Tränen und Zahlen lie nie. With Tobias Stephan it is not possible to become a Meister. The first and second Tor prevented a larger Torhuter. First, ready-to-go hits make sure the goal goal is to keep their passivity to suspension. The power of this child was easy, not the sight of it.

Suction could only become a big thunder lover. Worst right, if a final at Gner with Leonardo Genoni is a serious goal of the last man.

The next season, he is said to be a little more. The Polemic about Tobias Stephan also ends up calling for a continuation in Lausanne. Dort heis La polémique

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say Switch to EV Zug

Luganos Top shoe Grégory Hofmann said that the change to EVZ is not successful from financial sources. This is the development of a player. It is clear that most of OYM's competency center is

Some Monday, Grégory Hofmann will play for the EV this coming season over four years. The 26-year-old is currently the best Swiss Stürmer in the National League. Inputs make this commitment a strong signal to the central governor and the competition.

But was that the excuse for Gunsten des EVZ? Incidentally, in the current laborer Lugano, a lucrative proposal for more than one year is also applicable.

Hofmann feels such a cousin…

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