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Eishockey WM: Italy sends Austria into B-Gruppe

Sean McMonagle became the match winner in penalties for the launcher, who since 2007 achieved the class rating. An obsessed one abstention fight Anthony Bardaro (10th), Simon Kostner (35th), and Marco Rosa (38th) for Italy, Manuel Ganahl (12th) and two Michael Raffl (17th, 42th) hat the Austrian chance The Austrian separators, however, also contended with playing from the high-class Alps Hockey League (AHL) Italian players in their own right and in common with France in the B-group. The Franzosen hat in Kosice drew a 3: 0 design from the United Kingdom and was lost at the same time as 3: 4 after extension

 Sean McMonagle (ITA)

Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko

Sean McMonagle honored the devastating penalties for the Italiener

Kickers straight fit

Regenschauer and Sonnenschein had swapped their game for Bratislava. Also the Austrian fans courtesy themselves: first a rain and shuttles and tower towards Italy and an adjacent sunshine in the form of classrooms. Allies are at Wunsch. Then David Kickert could change his mind too. The black wings were even more muscularly damaged later on.

In the offensive martial arts Michael Raffl, Konstantin Komarek and Peter Schneider back. The threesome hated jointly with them as a prejudice-defying proprietor, Dominique Heinrich, who wiped out party chesses, in order to create a "churn" for the showdown. Bader hats are available for sale of four full sweaters

Austria upgraded backlog

"We know that we can do better", Raphael Herburger still hated 0: 8-fold streets Czech Republic. At the bottom of the Minutes the Entscheidungspartie lie the Austrian ones following their roots. The company of Baderum is still one of the most interesting places to come. Dominic Zwerger (3) and Schneider (4) knocked at Andreas Bernard. The Italian laughter was imbued with Vorfeld on error, hardly hatching the Austrian imperial bierer genius davon.

The patience of the Italian man could easily settle down: Bardaro conceived Dominique Heinrich and inhibited the Puck ins Kreuzeck (10). The second two Italian Tor in the Turnier saw the Austrian middle ins. Morality was demanded, and the Austrian proved its fast posture. Undisturbed at that time Kickert hit one offside, Ganahl claimed a rebound to the deserved end (12.).

Undelivered raffl to the Italian, who left the Philadelphia Flyers said Treaty in the National Hockey League for two years prolonged hat: There Saving bright beard with a hook from the highlight abutment and shoveling to a height of one (17). First to the second to the 1: 0 Latvia, Austria was at the WM 2019 in Front. Fast were the origins even higher, but one of the best-known Solo of Alexander Rauchenwald was unmistakable to the 2: 1 ending cousin in a tower.

Fehler welder Italian cheers

This cousin is only one 3: 0 design at one of the World Cup sites, which Franzosen just did not spend hours Großbritannien schmerzhaft einse müssen. End 2: 1 was still much more tragic, that party remained on knives. Austria also had that optical game-making company, with hassles and unwarranted features becoming more and more interrupted and giving Italian convenience, keeping the game off.

The Strafe for the game played on the scene. Mostly Angelo Micelli said that the Abwehr on Simon Kostner forgot about hats. A perfect Pass followed the appealing Abschlus – 2: 2 (35). If more than a minute before the siren came, the Italia-Rufe was even more lucrative: Rosa hated the "Azzurri" in the Führung (39.). After this, the Austrian abbot still hated one of the tapestries that lost sight of

 Thomas Raffl and Raphael Herburger (AUT)

GEPA / Andreas Pranter

With ghosts and uncontrolled powers, the Austrian lion bastards raffle prevents premature K.

Captures a father in the cabin that finds directional warts. Nur still 20 minutes away Österreich vom neuerlichen Gang in the B-Gruppe. Even after two minutes in the end, the game was canceled, so Austria has a NHL legionaire in seconds. Michael Raffl surpassed Bernard to the third with a hook at 3: 3 (42). The game of the Austrian was still a part of it, and it went beyond here.

That Ruhe had brought the heir of the Austrian keel. Defensive so one shows a rot-white-root fungus course. Kicking the mouse twice into Bardaro right-handed. On the other side, the Austrian had the chance to win K.-o.-Schlag: Im Powerplay skipped Michael and then Thomas Raffl (49), then the Stange directed the Italian to the Haut. After 60 minutes, 3: 3 remained. [14659028] 14. Penalty Reduces Austria

The separation must still fall due. Dramatic went unchecked. In the fifteen minutes, gambling hats mean that the Austrian are more and more playful and more likely, but Bernard was able to express himself very much. She stayed as a late departure, fasting on the Abbey, just another Penalty shoot. The Thriller once again held a high point – with Happy End for Italy. Sean McMonagle as a total of 14. Schütze's got to be von Kickert's cousin, as Schneider davor for Austria forgotten hats. With a Heber under the Latte the Italian Rot-Weiß-Rot sent in the B Group.

Ice hockey WM in Slovakia, Group B


Austria – Italy 3: 4 n. P.

Bratislava, Ondrej Nepela Arena, 9.085 Zuschauer

(2: 1 0: 2 1: 0/0: 0 0: 1)

Tore: Ganahl (12th), M. Raffl (17, 42) bzw. Bardaro (10), Kostner (35), Rosa (39); McMonagle (Separate Penalty)

Penalty Minutes: 4 bzw. 6

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