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Early in the morning – the pile of A2 leads to nine injured – News

  • The collision between Lucerne and Sursee shortly after 06:30 led to a climax with eleven vehicles involved.
  • The collision collision occurred north of the Eich tunnel.
  • According to police, nine people were easily injured.

The accident occurred in the quick file. A car driver had to slow his vehicle to a stop due to traffic jams, which led to the collision, in which eleven vehicles were involved. The accident is subject to further clarification and interrogation, the police informs.

Blocked for several hours

Nine people, including two children, must be escorted to hospital by the ambulance service. Eight people were easily injured, one person seriously injured. According to police, the property was owed tens of thousands of francs.

The A2 motorway was closed for several hours from the Sempach exit in the north. Since 1

0:45 am the highway is again normal in both directions.

Already on Wednesday, in the Eich tunnel, an accident occurred in which five people were injured. Three vehicles were involved in this accident.


Eleven vehicles were involved in the accident.

Lucerne police

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