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Due to trivial problems, the Swiss in your A220 see it from the traffic

 A Swiss regional jet of type A220 (former Bombardier C-Series) over the Oberengadin. (Ennio Leanza / Keystone)

A Swiss regional jet of type A220 (former Bombardier C-Series) over the Oberengadin. (Ennio Leanza / Keystone)

A Swiss landing of the Swiss A220 regional jet in Paris raises the question of whether there are larger problems of triebwerk. The American oversight agency FAA already called for inspections in September. The Swiss now leads exactly like this.

Werner Enz, Reto Flury, Nils Pfändler

As the Swiss bombardier after abundant deployment the regional jets C-Series 100 and 300 in stages From 2016 and 2017, many of these children were expecting this new development. This was surprisingly hardly the case, but now stepping on the A220 – which is the same aircraft with a new type designation – has some problems. So an A220 today had to land on the flight from Zurich to London in Paris between countries. The Swiss shared this with, for the passengers, no danger files at any time.

Inspections are Necessary

The Swiss announced further that due to the recent incident with a trivial work by Pratt & Whitney, tests were carried out on Tuesday afternoon; After a wall-free inspection, the aircraft would be returned to the regular aircraft operation. This led to a noticeable restriction on Swiss aircraft operations, which had to cancel many flights; the Swiss has the last quotes 9 C-Series 100 and 20 C-Series 300 in the fleet. The Swiss take the cases very seriously and are in contact with the relevant authorities, with Airbus Canada and with the manufacturer Pratt & Whitney.

It was exactly this time that the Swiss landing in Paris was necessary, but it is not yet clear indicates that again it did not agree with the Pratt – & – Whitney tribe of this type 1500 G.

Also Delta is affected

Thus the American oversight agency FAA prepared in September with aircraft inspections should such triebwerken were carried out. Presumably it is believed that in Triebwerken there will still be a certain operating life in Lecks. This would be a plausible explanation for an incident involving Flight LX 348 on July 25 this year; it should have come to the fire in one of the works. Damals had to land the airplane off-plan anyway in Paris.

The former Bombardier C-Series was re-routed by the Airbus Group in A220 after the takeover of the Canadian airline's bus parts. In Europe, among others, the Swiss and Air Baltic end this aircraft. Also in America, the A220 is used in liner traffic, for example Delta Air Lines.

Many cancellations

The Swiss added on request that the aircraft after the return trip in Zurich and Geneva also work in the weak at night in the works . For Wednesday, however, a strong restriction on air traffic had to be calculated, but a normalization should be introduced by operation on Thursday.

The affected airlines were asked for close contact, thus the best possible booking. Tickets for canceled flights are held, so the Swiss media station holds, rebuilds or refunds free of charge. Fortunately, the Swiss promised a large Airbus fleet, which was set up in Europe, a certain flexibility. It's on 3 A319, 19 A320 and 9 A321. In any case, within a few hours of the Lufthansa Federation, you are allowed to operate on aircraft capacity due to problems with the A220.

"Could you have had cheese or meat?" . Passengers affected by the cancellations were instead charged to the ticket office. Dort formed a temporary one hundred meter long queue. Swiss employees welcome the arriving customers and distribute the food and drinks. "Are you making a sandwich with cheese or meat?" Asked a man in black uniform.

Many travelers were confident that they could still fly despite the circumstances. "I have been four hours early on the road," softly a man with briefcase and tired eyes, "I hope I come to Hanover even before midnight." Behind me, a father waited with his son. Both call the situation welded. "We'll see if we're still flying today. We will also come by train to Berlin, ”the man softly, and hit the shoulders. "No, darling, all flights have delays," another passenger said in his phone.

Unlike many passengers, the airport of Zurich hardly touches the Swiss airport, which was a speaker on request. The operation is almost normal, apart from the stripped flights and the machines that come in addition. “The airport as an infrastructure provider is not in great demand. At Swissair-Grounding, we had a much larger space requirement ”, softly the speaker. In early evening, 10 affected aircraft were located in Zurich. Those stand at the shipyard, others at further locations of the airports. In total, the Swiss in Zurich had 20 arrivals and 22 flights.

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