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Duchess Meghan: First Royal appearance after emotional doc

Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) made headlines in the past days with statements made in the frames of their African travels at the end of September. In the ITV documentary "Harry and Meghan – An African Journey", the Royal couple spoke openly about the treasure sites of their lives and painted, which is a burden to constant criticism. Meghan explained that she said "not okay" and that the past months were a struggle. "It was tough," said the Duchess.

On Monday evening, Meghan in London had to go on the "One Young World" summit again about her generous duties. The Duchess in her first appearance after the appearance of the emotional documentary is all but depressed: radiant and self-conscious, she welcomed the organizers and the other guests at the Royal Albert Hall. For the single organization "One Young World", which brings together young executives, Meghan has been engaged since 2014. Meghan is welcomed with loud applause according to the Daily Mail.

Meghan "Covered Face" with Hair [19659024] British headline expert Judi James estimated Meghan's appearance for "Daily Mail" one. She says softly: "Meghan had her hair taken out of your face on a major part of the Africa tour, but here it lies gently on your face. Not only to embrace the face, but sometimes also as a curtain, which defines one boundary and covers one's face – notably your eyes. " »In your life

Judi James says:" She also seems to hold your left hand higher than usual, which looks like a partial barrier. In doing so, they emphasize their engagement and honor, to represent, in their lives was their strength and security. ”Meghan was smiling and confident, suggesting that the Royal business said the usual day-to-day business. Along the lines of James, according to James, the severity of the injuries claimed by Meghan in the dock. (KAD)

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