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DSDS winner Alphonso Williams is in the hospital

American Idol winner Alphonso Williams (57) shocks his fans with his latest photo on Instagram. He lies in the hospital bed and a nurse straightens out his respiratory mask. After three months of silence, his family tells the fans to the ex- "Celebrity Big Brother" candidate about the silence.

"Unfortunately, we must now say that he has been back in hospital for nine weeks," they write. Alphonso didn't want his fans to worry about returning to the hospital, "but since he still cares for him, he wanted us to call you at his place."

The doctors would do anything to make the singer better soon. The family ends by saying, "We hope to come back to you next time with a positive message."

January Emergency Surgery

However, Alphonso Williams' suffering does not clear his followers. Already at the beginning of the year he had to undergo emergency surgery for kidney failure. Therefore, it is suspected that there were other kidney problems.

In the comments of him celebrity friends quick recovery. So Cora Schumacher (42) writes: "What are you doing, Grosser? Please get in shape quickly. I'm thinking very hard about you!" Katzenberger mother Iris Klein (52) says: "I send you a lot of strength and love. "(Bnr)

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