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Dr. Oetker tastes pizza variety from the offer! "Smells yes, too bad"

Dr Oetker is now surprised that one of the most popular pizza is taken out of the range. Customers are excited about this decision.

However, as the group now explains, customers would have to dispense with the once-demanded freezer pizza with chocolate in the future, but whoever it seems is sad to leave their customers behind.

Schoko Pizza is set

About Dr. But even now, via Twitter, confirms that Schoko-Pizza will not produce more in the future. Although the query for a pizza with chocolate coating was huge even two years ago, the hype about the unusual product seems to have fallen off. Who has confirmed to a company spokesperson against the Augsburger Allgemeinen that Pizza has not been producing any more for the past year. The small variant of the once-popular variety should be set for August.

The chocolate pizza is set for another two years

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The chocolate pizza is set – Customers equally

As the company spokesman declares, the small interest of the customer should be to the customer . Over the social networks some customers are surprised by the step, many of them last, even about the product taken from the range. "It was okay to try it, but not so much", "It tastes yeah really ugly" and "I am better too!", Read on Facebook and Twitter.

Another customer enthusiastically enthused with a new suggestion: "Make a good decision place for a better pizza. For example, a meatball pizza? ”

A favorite Supermarket chain is not in this form for much longer. Some of the 277 branches in Germany are to be closed. The natural food manufacturer Rapunzel warns of a clear soup from his range, found in the glass shatterer. Unfortunately, the enjoyment of cakes is not unimportant: In France, a bakery warns customers about the dispossession of marble cakes. A recall for lettuce is currently coming from more discounts. Especially pregnant women and children should take care. An unpleasant surprise was experienced by an Aldi customer when he opened a glass of sausage. He reacted drastically.

DieBrauerei "Franken Bräu" recalled the third time in less time in his beer. Because of a very unusual – and yet forbidden – ingredient – guests had to go to a funeral home in the hospital. The police investigated in the case.

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The Galileo editorial staff was so courageous and tested different.

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