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Dow Jones with winnings – but Nasdaq weaker

Following the latest wins, Wall Street continues at the end of the week. The sentiment on the US stock market remains untouched, with only the Nasdaq sliding something that some technical shares came up with bad news.

Dow Jones Industrial rose 0.40 percent in Friday's trading to 24,839.64 points, so he is heading towards the seventh trading day in a row with a positive result. Compared with the previous Friday, the price barometer is now 2.4 percent ahead, which would mean the best stock week since the end of March.

Dow Jones US Select Dividend iShares

After fresh inflation data had already revamped on Thursday, the economic data released at the end of the week also points in the same direction: prices of imported goods rose much slower in April than expected. "The price pressure is still moderate," summarized Helaba. On the market, it is deduced that the US central bank does not have to push the accelerator on the interest rate hike.

Against this background, the broad S & P 500 rose 0.20% to 2.728.46 on Friday. However, for the Nasdaq 1

00, the sign was negative. Driven by bad news on some technology stocks, it fell by 0.16 percent to 6.952.09 points.

Verizon, Symantec and Dropbox in perspective

In Dow, Verin's shares increased 3.5 percent $ 48.88 with a large margin leading runner. Here, an optimistic comment by JPMorgan analyst Philip Cusick helped refer the mobile operator about the possibilities for the new mobile standard 5G. He upgraded the shares to obesity and trusts them up to $ 58.

Apart from this, the focus was primarily on companies in the technology sector – and that was quite negative. Symantec Shares in Security Software Specialists dropped 34 percent on a disappointing quarterly view and announced internal balance sheets. Their winnings since June 2016 erased them in one case. Graphic card specialist Nvidia had a positive surprise with sales in the first quarter. According to the company, however, revenue from the processor manufacturer with the crypto industry is expected to decrease significantly during the second quarter. The shares then lost 1.60 percent.

For the only end of March on the Nasdaq lists from Dropbox, it was also down 3.5 percent. The store's online store had not exceeded market expectations as much as some investors had hoped for.

Qualcomm, however, is slow in its planned acquisition of competitor NXP. Until last day, only 45 million shares were offered. This corresponds to a share of approximately 13 percent. The approval period was extended to 25 May. Qualcomm shares accounted for half a percent plus.

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