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Donald Trump: Whistleblower scandal smarter than Watergate?

That story seems to repeat itself: The 2016 political scandal included claims in the Mueller Report's contacts with Donald Trump's electoral team with the Russians to blame for his opponent, Hillary Clinton. [19659021] Now a similarly engaging case in Washington is for vortex: Did the US president bid on July 25, 2019 – just a day after the hearing of Russia-probe agent Robert Mueller – the Ukrainian president for dirty info on top Democrat Joe Biden?

In some US media, the matter is being prepared by comparing the Watergate scandal to the resigned President Richard Nixon. BLICK delivers the answers to the most pressing questions:

Who Came the Matter?

A secret service employee filed a complaint on August 12 with General Inspector Michael Aktinson. He called, according to the Washington Post, to have a "worrying governor's promise" from Donald Trump and another head of state. The whistleblower heard, routinely, a telephone call from the president.

Who did General Inspector Aktinson respond to on the Complaint?

He instilled them as an "urgent matter". According to the Washington Post, Aktinson was alert and alerted to the Congressional Secretariat. On Thursday, an hour-long hearing took place behind closed doors.

Who did Trump lead the visit to?

According to various US media searches, the complaint relates to a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Washington Post subsequently said the phone call with Zelensky the central part of the complaint. Fact: Trump had telephoned Zelensky on July 25 – about two weeks before the complaint entered.

What was Trump saying to the Ukrainian president?

He should have repeated and urged investigations against possible presidential candidates Joe Biden and his son Hunter. This reports the "New York Times" and refers to two anonymous sources who are familiar with the telephone.

Piquant: In the same month, Trump surprisingly suspended military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $ 250 million. A coincidence or hiding some tactical calculus there? According to information from the New York Times, Trump did not mention the promised military aid by telephone.

So is that the problem?

The Democrats suspected that the previously deferred payment in Ukraine was no accident. The Secret Service's chairman, Adam Schiff, said on Friday: "Any attempt by Mr. Trump to exorcise a foreign power, to dirty up a political competitor while retaining auxiliary, is corrupt." Gegenleistung ¬Ľnecessarily said to" betray "his land.

Was Joe Biden, or his son, really supposed to have been broken?

It is about the corruption allegations brought from the Trump side. Background: Bidens son Hunter has been working for a Ukrainian gas company since 2014. His father, Joe Biden, was US Vice President Barack Obama until 2016. Fact: At this time, there are no clues to a crime, nor ongoing investigations against Joe Biden or his son Hunter.

Was Donald Trump and his Team on the Issue Said

The president returned the words as "Fake News" and launched a direct attack on the informants, whose identity is unknown. The president labeled the whistleblower as politically motivated – but at the same time, not knowing his identity.

Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, made an appearance on Thursday with an interview on CNN television for watching. First, he stated that he had never asked the Ukrainian president for investigations against Biden. 30 seconds later, he confirmed on Moderator's queries: "Of course I got it!" And further: "I have no idea if Trump even spoke to me about it. But if he did, he had every right to that. "

Was Joe Biden told the revelation?

On Friday, Trump urged Dazu on it, to publicize his speech with the Ukrainian president. "If these accusations are true, then President Trump's readiness to abuse his power and to destroy our country knows no bounds," he declared. Biden spoke further of "clearer corruption."

Was Donald Trump threatening now?

A further investigation. However, it is still difficult to make the first estimates difficult to prove to the president any wrongdoing. At least according to the current state of the information system.

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