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Dieter Nuhr attacks Greta Thunberg and the climate strike movement

The German Comedian Lovers About the Climate Streak Movement … image: watson / Screenshot: twitter

Dieter Nuhr reads about Greta Thunberg and solves Shitstorm

"Was it Satire? Everything. »So it was on January 27, 1919 in the" Berlin Tageblatt ". Written has these famous words from the writer Kurt Tucholsky.

100 years and a few months later, these words still apply: Satire needs everything. The question is: Who does this ominous "Everything" enters the audience?

Comedian Dieter Nuhr at least excited with his satire on Thursday in the ARD broadcast "Nuhr im Ersten" in one of Grossteil's viewers annoyance: He made a joke about the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and the speech at the stage . Many were there in the social media: Here satire listens, and fun is not even.

"I was tense, Greta was power, if it was cold. Heating can't even be said, ”said Soft Nuhr in his show below. And further: "I was, because my daughter went to the Friday demos, in the nursery no longer heats. If our kids think we could drive this world with a bit of sun and wind, then we parents should put in a hamster wheel with Dynamo in the nursery. Then they can recharge your cell phones. " This is embarrassing, "the cabaret artist softly.

The audience in the hall brought him to laugh. Many users on Twitter found this kind of humor all too funny.

It was a shitstorm in hurricane strength …

"Obscene and unscrupulous", found this user …

"If it had been funny at least "

" It was not very satirical, sorry! "

" Tasteless "," reactionary fools "

" And the scientists do not trust him "

Others could not understand the excitement, speak from "Doppelmoral":

The price for the balanced opinion goes into this Tweet:

To quote the over 100-year-old contribution Tucholskys once again in this place: "Satire is a thoroughly positive thing. Nowhere does it get to the characterless faster than here, nowhere to fix it, was an unscrupulous Hanswurst is, one who is attacking it today and tomorrow. ”Let us just stand there like that.

Maybe Dieter Nuhr should also call here:

(dsc / watson.de)

Greta Thunberg and the ship

Switzerland's largest airline

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