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Desire Fleisch – More Diabetes Type 2

The proper nutrition stays healthy. Eine binsenweisheit. Was it the right diet? Und was much dawning? A type 2 diabetes is a diet in which the amino acid methionine is reduced. Increasing Methionine is a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is the Quintessenz, a recent study of the German Institute for Nutrition Promotion Potsdam-Rehbrücke (DIfE).

Who came to the Forces?

Prepared in the garden, those DIFFERENT invaders established that Mäuse, the warmth of his fever, had improved Blutzucker hats and more energy, among other things, as standard animals. In the new study, Dr. Thomas Lower and his team say that this change will only work out a single amino acid positive. This is Methionin. Weniger Methionin improved the Zuckerstoffwechsel der Mäuse and its inventiveness for the hormone insulin.
Interestingly, the positive effects of the methionine arms are adversely affected, detrimental to the endogenous content and independent of progression and body fat.

Dr. Thomas Laeger, DlfE

Was it up to you?

Was it for people? Adhering to the researcher is also a part of the human mind. Methionine nutrition promotes the exclusion of the hormone FGF21

, the lower body with a better tissue weakening, and a less-abundant Blutzuck mirror in its context. "If they are found in the model of the weathers on human welds, it would be a more important step for the treatment of diabetes," so lower in one measure of the institutions.

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