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Depressive: These eight occupations harm your mental health

Stress , Hectic, Mischievous Mood: The Occupational Day of Many People Takes in the Nerves. Our Photo Strokes Indicate the Occupations with the Highest Depression Risk.

If people do not want to rise more in the morning and only the thought and the job are already in high quality, then many of those affected before the Depression Diagnosis .

Depression: The number of affected persons increases

As the Depression Atlas of the Technician Hospital (TK) says, every year more people became depressed: Since the year 2006, the The number of persons affected by increased by 86 percent (Stand: 2015).

For this purpose, the health insurance company has assessed the health insurance of about four million professional insured persons. Around six percent of all procreative take even antidepressants .

This has consequences for the German economy: Only due to the reported error with the Depression diagnosis due to production failure costs in the amount of some four billion Euro

Depression dependence depends on the profession

The study of TK also states that, above all, human-determined occupational groups often suffer from depression frequently since they are associated with a high stress factor. These count in the first line Occupations in the health and social sphere . People in technical and academically oriented professions are happy today.

Pointing out our photographic strips, which occupations have a very high risk of depression .

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By Andrea Stettner

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