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Dax commutes around 13,000 marks

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Positive Outlook for ArcelorMittal Helps Stakeholders

E Investors in Uropas continue to respond calmly to the increased political hotspots. Even though they threatened US sanctions for companies with company-related ties to Iran and the prospect of a populist government in Italy, it was not at the end of the week, there were no big losses.

Daxen was about 1

3,000 points and was about 0.2 percent on Friday afternoon weaker at 13,001 meters. Euro Stoxx 50 gave 0.3 percent to 3560 jobs. On Wall Street, there was a clearer stock market opening. On the one hand, investors continue to focus on sound financial and balance sheets, experts say. In addition, investors expected a bargaining settlement in the dispute about the US futures contract with Iran. "There is a transitional period until the sanctions enter into force," says investment strategist Benjamin Schroeder from ING Bank. Until then, an agreement can be reached. If Dax exceeds 13,000 points, the road is ready for a new record height, analyst Jochen Stanzl said from online broker CMC Markets. The previous entry from January is 13 596.89 meters.

Relatively modest tones from the parties looking for a coalition in Italy calmed the nerves of investors. Representatives of the populist five-star movement emphasized that they would pursue a predictable budgetary policy. The five stars and right Lega want to communicate on Sunday at a government head. Milan's stock market rose 0.5 percent. The papers for the worrying Banca Monte dei Paschi (BMPS) increased by 20 percent. The world's oldest financial house, which the Italian state has to rush to its support in 2017, returned to profitability in the first quarter. Prices of Italian ten-year bonds recovered from bond markets. In return, interest rates fell about six points to 1.8 percent after marking a seven-week high on Thursday.

The European steel industry arose with a jump in profit and an optimistic view of the world's largest producer, ArcelorMittal. The Arcelor shares climbed to a four month high of 30.10 euros. In their wake, competitors such as Thyssenkrupp, Voestalpine and Outokumpu increased up to 1.5 percent.

In London, the shares in the British television network were ITV, with a plus of 7.8 percent to 1.85 euros at the London FTSE index manager. JP Morgan raised its price target one day after the quarterly review from 185 to 200 pence. ITV anticipates increased advertising revenue due to the World Cup in June.

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