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Daru Wache AG – how reputable is this security company?

Daru Wache's private security service has been around for over 40 years. During this time, the service has made its name with over 300 employees. Its customers include the federal government, cantons and municipalities. So far so good.

However, several LOOK employees now have business practices on Daru Guards – and make serious allegations against the Aargau company with its headquarters in Riniken.

Expensive services – too little power

Sun also Nadine K. * (48), who left the company in September. She says: "The Daru guard is deceiving his customers – I had to experience it myself."

The Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (BBL) should also be affected. In May, this was assigned a monitoring order for the Liebefeld campus in Koniz BE to the Daru guard. Night patrols were agreed from May 1 to October 31, 156 total patrols. At least half of a service dog should be there – especially attractive to the security company, as the service dog patrols are much more expensive.

Nadine K., the only trained dog handler at Daru Watch in Bern, would have taken over the services of BBL should. But: "I was just until my departure at the end of August only 30 dog walks on the spot." In fact, but then it was necessary to do 51 dog operations.

Accusations of breach of contract

A breach of contract, of which BBL first learned through LOOK. "So far, there were no signs that the company is not performing its assigned tasks," Federal Office spokesman Jonas Spirig told BLICK. You have to pursue it.

Daru guard dismisses the charges. "Service dog operations were performed between June and October 2019. Even in October, operations are still planned by one of the existing employees," says Daru CEO Yves Opper about BLICK.

Two independent sources who currently work for Daru Wache, however say the opposite: It there is no compensation yet for Nadine K. Therefore, no patrols with a trained service dog have been made since August.

Astra also relies on services from the Daru Guard

But not only the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics, but also the Federal Office for Roads (1965) Astra) has engaged the Daru Guard: At the resting place in Wileroltigen BE, where Fahrende has been using the required security service since 2018.

Distribution plans and telephone lists currently available BLICK, show: The security company moved for the job tens of employees of non Astra doesn't know anything about it. "There was no reason to doubt either. that the employees work directly at the client company, "says Astra spokesman Mark Siegenthaler to watch. Again, it says: You have to look carefully at the facts.

Daru Guard recognizes subcontractors. This is common in the industry when staff shortages prevail. "We chose well-known partners according to strict criteria," says chef Yves Opper. However, he does not want to say what subcontractors this should be.

BLICK research shows that an employee (33) of such a subcontractor, who is employed by Daru Guard in Bern at Kultur Casino, was convicted of tax evasion in Basel 2015. As she disappeared in the meantime, the punishment was announced publicly.

Inconsistencies in Basel

The Daru branch in Basel is also marked for inconvenience. On the one hand, it also cited subcontractors without knowledge of the cantonal policy in the Basel-Stadt control tariffs at Community customs facilities.

The security company is also accused of falsifying documents. This is confirmed by Darko Janjic (33), a former employee of Daru Wache in Basel and often there for the customer Ikea who is used.

Thus, Ikea training certificates were issued from the company Awareness Training Academy. It claims that several members participated in the workshop "Fire Fighting" on September 23, 2018. Ikea requires that this workshop be visited annually, and that ultimately depends on the order to the Daru guard.

Bloss: Certificate is fake. September 23 was a Sunday – and the staff confirms that they have never attended such a course at the Awareness Training Academy. And: The company, which is said to have completed the workshops, belongs to the branch manager of the Daru guard in Basel.

One employee, two personal sheets?

That the certificates are something wrong, admits the Daru guard against LOOK. "Because one of our clients was about to undergo a security audit and these certificates were not yet available, this course was independently confirmed by our Basel branch manager in a certificate so that the certificate could be submitted during the audit," said Yves Opper of Daru Wache. The date was an error. The employees would have gone on such a course.

In another case, the company made false statements to the customer. Thus, in 40 percent of all Daru employees, Ikea requires the training "Specialist / Security and Security (FSB)."

At least one employee, according to the personal sheet (LOOK before) should have FSB training, that is true but not. This is also the Daru guard. However, according to Chef Opper, he also has another personal information sheet where it is "clear". Why two employees have two separate worksheets is still a mystery.

Security people (not)

Can security personnel use force? Take a photo on public territory? Or arrest someone?

No, no and again no.

In fact, security service employees may no longer be ordinary private individuals. You can ask troublemakers to leave a place. However, they are not allowed to implement the directive.

Even with a pocket check, the checked must first give their consent. At concerts or football games, viewers automatically agree to this when they buy the tickets.

Also the detention of people is only allowed for the employees, if it is an offender who has just been caught in a crime.

Reason: In Switzerland, the monopoly of power lies exclusively with the state. Security and order must therefore maintain private security services with a high level of communication ability. If all this does not help, only the right police can intervene. (Fr) [19659052]
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