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Dario Cologna's service man involved in the doping scandal

"Operation Aderlass", the doping rocket at the Nordic World Cup in Austria in February, continues to cause waves. The authorities are now targeting more people, including the official of Olympic champion Dario Cologna (32)!

At the end of February, the scandal doped with the German physician Mark S. The Nordic World Championship in Seefeld Ö), Dario Cologna was also upset. "It is very sad that it happens again. It's bad for the sport, says the 32-year-old. And the Olympic champion adds, "The best part is that you can see how they are caught."

Now it has caught one again – and it comes from Cologna's closest environment. As Austrian media stories, this week the Austrian official from the Swiss was arrested, with whom Cologna has worked together since last season, in connection with the investigation, was questioned and released.

"No arrest in connection with Cologna"

Hansjörg Mayr, spokesman for the public prosecutor's office in Innsbruck, explains at the request of the news agency APA that Cologna himself is not suspected. "In connection with him there was no arrest," Mayr says.

Cologna's official was last year Emanuel M. He came to the last season for Swiss law, was previously employed by Cologna ski equipment maker Fischer, where he also supervised the convicted baptist Johannes Dürr, the two of whom have even lived together for many years.

Swiss Ski Surprised by the News

At the world championship in Seefeld, a doping scandal was revealed around the German sports physician Mark Schmidt, and several athletes from different nations and sports have therefore already adopted doping, including cross-country skiers Max Hauke, Dominik Baldauf and Johannes Dürr , and the cyclists Stefan Denifl and Georg Preidler.

Swiss Ski explains on request from BLICK: "Swiss Skiing was informed on Friday morning about the news that an Austrian service man was last winter working for Swiss skiing, should have been arrested, surprised. At present, we have no concrete and confirmed information in this regard. Internal investigations are ongoing. »(Rib / sme)

« Blood was given to me in the morning before the race »

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