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Cristiano Ronaldo talks about career and private life

It was a turbulent year for Cristiano Ronaldo. A year in which his friends and family's loyalty was tested and also emotionally associated with himself. "When people question your honor it hurts a lot," admits the 34-year-old in an interview with the Portuguese broadcaster "TVI", citing rape. Especially his son Ronaldo Jr. would have been particularly affected by the revelations. "Once he hit it all because of a newspaper article in the house," the Portuguese says, adding, "I'm still proud of my family and how they took the message."

It was not only rape against his father that caused 9-year-old Ronaldo Jr. last year. As Ronaldo says, moving to Italy was also very difficult for his offspring. "It was very complicated for him because he had all his friends in Madrid." It was not an option for Ronaldo to renounce his son solely for the sake of his son. It is important for him that his son realizes early on that one must make great sacrifices in order to succeed. Ronaldo explains his method of education: "I try to teach my son that life is not easy and that everything does not fall from the sky."

"Today each player costs 100 million"

127 million Swiss francs were given to "The Old Lady." »Cost five times the world's footballers last summer. By comparison, 19-year-old super talent Joao Félix moved from Benfica to Atletico Madrid this summer for CHF 137 million. "Today, every player costs 100 million," Ronaldo said.

That is why it is difficult to estimate its current market value. In addition: "Defenders are also sold for 75 million." A development that the 34-year-old cannot understand.

End of career

For the CR7, the transition to Juventus Turin has paid off. He explains his decision as follows: "I'm a person who doesn't like living in the comfort zone. I won 17 trophies with Real Madrid. It became routine one day. That's why I was looking for a new challenge." his first season with Juve, he won the Italian Championship. Is his hunger for success now satisfied? "I may end my career next year," the five-time soccer player says. But he could just as well imagine playing for 40 or 41 years. In fact, his contract with Juventus expires until 2022. Then he would be 37 years old.

For Ronaldo, it's obvious: "I don't need football to live well." He learned this a few years ago when he quarreled strongly with himself and his accomplishments. What he needs are attractive projects – whether in the football industry or not. (Jk) [19659029]
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