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Credit Suisse sees those responsible for accounting – News Economy: Business

The Grossbank Credit Suisse informs on Tuesday of the monitoring business. According to information from this newspaper, at a media conference tomorrow, the bank will present a summary of the internal investigation, which Kanzlei Homburger has suggested.

The Board of Directors of President Urs Rohner will see the personal consequences for the bank managers responsible for the oversight of Ex-CS Manager Iqbal Khan. According to the available information, Bank Manager Tidjane Thiam retains his job. Whether Pierre-Oliver Bouée has to be Chief Operating Officer is unclear. Anyone who had even reported this newspaper should have gone out to Bouée's assignment and his global security chief Remo Boccali.

The report by Homburger explains why it came to the investigation and who was the client. The personal conflict between Bank Chief Thiam and his former subordinate Khan should have played no role because Khan was being watched. The reason for the taxation was to see if Khan's key members would have to abort.

Even if the monitoring was not per se illegal, the instrument was said to be completely inappropriate and harmful. Such an instrument has a considerable reputational risk, which the public uplift for the failed taxation has nevertheless subjected to substantial pressure. Khan during his Karenz time actually reunited with Mitarbeiter. Khan himself has categorically demented this about his speakers as well as cities. Also, UBS has clarified the progress on its own internal investigation. Result: Gegen Khan is not lying, he resigns his new job as co-head of asset management at UBS on October 1


It is known that Thiam and Khan hit a fierce fire at a fire in Thiams Villa in January were fired. Dabei said he was walking around the trees that Thiam's life-threatening plant had planted at the base border of Khan's new villa. Since the collapse, the ratio of both top managers is considered torn. Nevertheless, they had worked with each other for months on a professional basis and even Khan's statements from the bank said that they were in a state of resentment. the Credit Suisse leg. That said, the main reason for this was that the bankruptcy was opposed to the termination notice and the competition ban. Instead of the usual twelve-month competition ban, Khan had to commit himself to a contract of agreement negotiated with the Board of Directors, not to hire a competitor within three months. The board's disregard for a weighty departure seems to belittle Khan with a lengthy ban on competition.

In the media, a reading of a power struggle between Khan and Thiam has been read. Khan, too, should have claimed the conduct of the Asia business for himself, but was not according to the facts. It was primarily a private dispute. However, the Homburger Anwälte did not investigate whether Thiam had given any threats to Khan. The investigation focused only on the question, which organized the taxation of Khan for whatever reason.

With the publication of the summary of the investigation report, the Bank will quickly leave the matter behind. Whether this applies is questionable. There are still ongoing investigations by the Zurich prosecutor in the case.

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