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Credit Suisse is attracted to the wealthy

Credit Suisse wants to provide customers with Franken accounts a fee due to negative interest rates. Payments made with euro accounts are paid. However, the cash balance of wealthy customers in Swiss bank accounts remains high.

The Credit Suisse (CS) will, in short, now be able to afford a fee to rich clients with high Barbestands on Franken accounts. Customers should be informed about the steps in short, writes the Bloomberg news agency with reference to sources in the bank. The CS did not comment on the report.

The fee becomes common practice

Prospective customers with barbecues of over 1 million euros had to pay a fee of 0.4 percent at the CS. This summer, UBS introduced a fee on Franken accounts. Customers who hold more than 2 million francs in cash will have to pay. In many institutes, customers were initially asked to talk about moving them, investing their Franks in equities or other facilities. outside the security needs of bank customers who use the Franks as a safe haven.

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