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Crawl our Rückspiel: FCZ fans in Naples joined

Our Europa-League Ruckle game against Naples and the FCZ (2: 0) words attacked by Zurich-pendant with stones

The Drohkulisse worked fiercely. "If you don't mind!", The social media for the game and the address of the FCZ fans, who traveled to southern Italy, are raised. Napoli-Ultras were allowed to drive into the city of Jagd on Zurich-anchors, to re-sell a week's suction in Zurich for the crawls.

Then: In the city, there will be no fortified zusammenstoops of the Fangruppen. Worst of all, most FCZ fans in the Ratsklag of the police will stay in the city like tourists to barge and offer no tricks, shells and fins. Undoubtedly, the roundabout with around 1000 officers is able to do everything in its power, which fans drive when transporting extra buses.

Fixed hours in the bus

Comes to switches: A group of FCZ fans will be from Napoli-Ultras with Steinwürfen attacked. Under the auspices of the Ansa government agency, the police curb for the game coach train was put in place, preventing a further confrontation with the San-Paolo Stadium. Also, Zürchern allegations have to be mentioned.

Many of the around 2500 FCZ trailers were transported directly to the stadium in each of their Swiss buses, indicating their offer to the fans for the fans sector.

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