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Coronavirus: Superspreader study shows a serious link – these people are spreading Sars-CoV-2

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According to a Japanese professor, only a few will spread the coronavirus. Isolating them would include the pandemic, he said.

  • Japan’s chief virologist Hitoshi Oshitani does not think mass testing for a coronavirus infection * makes sense.
  • He advocates the isolation of so-called super-diffusers.
  • In one study, he attributed the development of Covid 19 herds to a few people who were often asymptomatic despite infection.

Covid-19 still puzzles doctors and researchers. But more and more studies and long-term observations are helping to understand the disease and prevent it. A new Japanese publication addresses the question of how the most important areas of infection arise and where the risk of infection is particularly high. Under the guidance of virologist Hitoshi Oshitani, researchers analyzed situations where many had contracted the coronavirus at the same time. 61 such cases with over 3,000 infected served as a basis. Restaurants, concert halls and gyms were among the risky places where many people became infected with Covid-19. What was more surprising was the researchers’ findings People who made them super spreaders.

Woman, under 30 years and without symptoms = super spreader?

In 22 of 61 cases, researchers were able to identify who they accused of spreading the virus. According to the study, it was mainly women under the age of 30 who had no symptoms. The researchers who worked with Oshitani could not explain why they were the ones who spread the virus the most, as Focus reported. However, the age could easily be explained: Young people especially stayed in clubs, bars or pubs – all places with poor ventilation. Alcohol also plays an important role: inhibitions fall, the safety margin is no longer maintained.

In Japan, according to Hitoshi Oshitani’s publication, it was also karaoke bars that enabled coronavirus infection. A closed room with loud singing: a virus-friendly environment, which is also mainly visited by younger people. (R) *Merkur.de is part of the German-wide Ippen-Digital editing network.

Everyday masks and the question of materials

Everyday masks and the question of materials

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Although the concert hall is one of the high-risk venues, there is a large-scale live concert with Sarah Connor in September.

Researchers have now achieved a breakthrough in investigating the origin of the new coronavirus.

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