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Consumer Reports: Busy Shutters Teslas Autopilot Told As Unsicher

The Verbraucherorganisation Consumer Reports has the new feature of Teslas Fahrer Assistance System Navigate on Autopilot needs to criticize: The system makes an unfamiliar end-trick, provided the organization completed a message from Techcrunch.
The Tesla system is based on cameras, which are still aimed at dogs and on ultra-scale and radar sensors. More recently,


  1. Interhyp Gruppe, Munich
  2. BWI GmbH, Bonn, Leipzig, Munich

Even today, Consumer Reports have quickly noticed their future road haulage of human drivers as well as von Teslas Automatik. It must be borne in mind that the tester has to deal with the problem, to prevent the situation from burning. The system achieves Stress, puts on the ranger organization, which cleans the model X as a cumbersome and sturdy stand, virtually proven hat.

Navigate on autopilot is a system to navigate through an autobahn drive for execution. The driver must first tell the navigation device and activate the function. A software update includes Tesla automatic query. User can use this feature freely. Is this cousin safe, the system propagates the driver to endorse the planted tissue, promotes sufficiency.

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