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Cocaine, the new favorite drug of the Swiss

Earlier, cocaine was expensive. Only managers, models, artists and the Jetset could afford the white powder. Today is the Dry Massage. While one gram of cocaine used to cost several hundred francs in the past, the price today lies between 60 and 130 francs. So cheap Cocaine that has not yet had far-reaching consequences. Cleaning women, students, even cops cooks. Cocaine today consumes between 0.5 and 2.5 percent of Swiss, depending on the country or city area, the "Sunday newspaper" reports. That drug has become saloon-like.

Emergencies occur frequently

It is striking that these drugs show an ever higher degree of purity. Dieser has more than doubled since 2013 years. In cities, there is hardly any route agent in cocaine. Albanian bands flood the Swiss market with high-quality cocaine – and fight some of their competition. However, the consumer can often not underestimate the strength.

When there is exceptionally pure cocaine, you can become dangerous as the danger increases an overdose. No other illegal drug in Switzerland brings so many consumers into the Spitäler's emergency recording. Only at the Island Hospital Bern have been seeking cases of overdose since 2013.

In the United Kingdom, the deaths have been doubled by cocaine. In Switzerland, they remain at a stable level at some level. And Cocaine, quoting the "Sunday newspaper" as a medicine, makes just about every seven person dependent. By the way, ever larger quantities thanks to new smuggling methods to Europe – also in Switzerland. In that year alone, the police in Basel secured a record-breaking 600 kilograms of cocaine worth nearly 20 million francs.

Cocaine inflow from South America

In Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, the growing areas of the cocoa fields are growing explosively. 90 percent of the smuggled drugs from South America to Europe come by cargo ship. Especially loved are banana delivers. These ports, such as Rotterdam, Antwerp or Hamburg, are at the very top of the list.

In most cases, the companies transporting containers are clueless. However, some became occupying members. Davon is apparently also one of Geneva-based shipping companies, the "Sunday newspaper" reported further.

In March and April, US flaggers discovered a total of 2.8 tonnes of cocaine on two MSC freighters. And in June, they boarded the MSC Gayane, which just heard from the crew involved, 19.76 tonnes of cocaine worth about $ 1.3 billion. This is the largest fund of US customs agencies in your 230-year history. The cocaine hidden in containers was also destined for Switzerland.

In the case of MSC Gayane, six out of 24 crew members were arrested and charged. The captain knew of nothing – just as much as the Geneva shipping company working with the US authorities. (KES / SZM)

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