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Circle Waldshut: In the hot season, ticks are again a danger

Ticks can transmit dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease or TBE. The Waldshut district is considered to be a TBE risk area. After a trip, check yourself and your pets for ticks.

They are so small that they can easily be overlooked, but their bets can have serious consequences – they are ticks, especially at current temperatures. Increases are active. This can be dangerous to their victims, as the parasites can carry dangerous diseases when sucking blood, "says Rolf von Olnhausen, a health care doctor in the Waldshut district. "In Germany, the ticks sent Borreliose, a bacterial infection, as well as the transgenic meningoencephalitis (FSME) caused by viruses and occurring in southern Germany," said Olnhausen at the request of this newspaper.

County Waldshut is considered a FSME risk area

Waldshut, like almost all of southern Germany, is considered a risk area for TBE. But one can be vaccinated against the dangerous brain and meningitis. "All persons in a TBE risk area who are subjected to ticks or risk of being infected by TBE, such as forest workers or agricultural workers and laboratory staff, should be vaccinated against TBE," says the doctor. According to the Robert Koch Institute, a central federal body for disease monitoring and preventive treatment, about 97 percent of TBE patients reported in 201

7 were not or only insufficiently immunized.

Lyme disease can also be transmitted with ticks

Disease, Lyme disease can be transmitted with ticks. However, there is no vaccine in Germany, according to Olnhausen. Lyme disease can, however, be treated with antibiotics. So it's important to search for yourself and your pets for a stay in the garden, on the lawn, in the woods or on the forest trails at the tents. Detected ticks should be removed according to Olnhausen as soon as possible. It should be noted that the bracket is not broken, explains the doctor. If symptoms such as fever of an attachment appear as bad as possible, Olnhausen recommends visiting a doctor.

A 56-year-old from Waldshut-Tiengen, who suffered from TBE or chewbone encephalitis, has talked to this magazine about how he experienced the past year.

They contracted FSME from a fiddle last year. How did you notice that something was wrong?

Suddenly I suffered painful pain without doing hard work. After a few days they passed, but a week later I thought I had the summer flu. I had headache and body aches, but no cold or cough. It also went, but then I got a pretty bad headache. When painkillers did not help anymore, I panicked and went to Waldshut Hospital.

How long did it take to detect the disease?

In the beginning, my head had been examined for a tumor by magnetic resonance formation and did not know about other tests. After further investigations with the family supervisor and a neurologist, she sent me to the University Hospital in Freiburg. There, the doctors found FSME, a brain and meningitis.

How long did it take you to get back on your feet?

I was out of order for six months, got a pain treatment. In addition, I spent three weeks in the Bad Krozingen rehabilitation clinic. I was weak, had lost weight and did not drive for three months. Meanwhile I felt broken. But I got away with a black eye, because there is no drug treatment in FSME. Other patients need to learn to talk or go for such diagnosis. Today, I'm almost back to where I was before the illness.

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