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Chris Froome has broken his neck in the horror case

At 54 km / h, Chris Froome (35) thundered in a house wall on Thursday.

He wanted to win the Tour de France, but is now long in the hospital bed – the British bike star Chris Fr oome is in bad luck!

But he also claimed a big dose of luck. At 54 km / h he met one "I thought he was dead," reported the eyewitness and teammate Dan Martin (BLICK reported).

That alone sounds very dramatic. But on Saturday, BBC reports: Everything is much worse! In addition to the thighs, elbows, hips and some The rib broke Chris Froome's neck too, it would have revealed investigations at the hospital in St. Etienne. Next Froome was unconscious after the fall.

At the hospital, the four-time Tour de France champion must remain for at least six weeks after an 8 hours of operation, Chief Remi Philippot to the BBC: "We are happy with his condition. But maybe he needs other things. Perhaps the recovery does not go as we want it. "

Meanwhile, a video sequence has appeared on the internet (see above) that shows Froome a few minutes before his fall. While reconstructing the Dauphiné Tour time course, he temporarily takes on a jacket in windy conditions, accompanied by a teammate and a team car "There is a lot of wind here. Don't risk anything, Chris! »So the instructions to Rad-Star. Froome's answer: "All well."

A little later, the British should once again take both hands off the board and blow their nose. In the process he turns off wind and wind at 54 km / h in a house wall.

If the 35-year-old Froome ever sits in the saddle again in a professional competition, he is in the stars.

Meanwhile, Froome en Bild has published from the hospital bed: "On the way to recovery". (Rab) [19659030]
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