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Chemnitz: Conversation for AFD monitoring is getting higher – Newsblog

Sunday, September 2

3:30: Calls for AFD Surveillance Harder

Following AFD's participation in xenophobic demonstrations, the talks for a stronger observation of the party will increase the constitution's protection. According to a representative survey, a majority of Germans support this. Also from CDU, SPD and Greenen's joints correspond to the corresponding requirements. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, however, currently sees no reason for a nationwide observation of AFD by the intelligence service.

"At present, the terms of an observation of the party as a whole are not for me," said the Interior Minister and CSU's chief. "Of course, you must always look carefully, and that is what the law enforcement agency is doing if statements by party members or cooperation with specific groups are individual opinions or party politics."

09:30: Maas accuses the Germans of comfort in the fight against racism Next

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has urged citizens to be more active in the fight against racism and to defend democracy. "Unfortunately, there has been a comfort in our society that we must overcome," he told Bild am Sonntag. "Then we have to get up from the couch and open our mouths. The years of discouraging awake humor must come to an end."

His generation had been given freedom, rule of law and democracy. "We did not have to fight for it, sometimes we take it for granted," said Maas. According to their own statements, the Foreign Minister was "very often" approached by his European colleagues on right extremist marches in Chemnitz. As regards xenophobia, right extremism and racism, Germany is rightly considered particularly critical.

Saturday September 1

10:16 pm: Participants group attacked by SPD politicians

A group of visitors around SPD member Sören Bartol were attacked on Chemnitz on Saturday, according to their own right-wing information. "My group from Marburg was attacked by Nazis just on the way to the bus," wrote Hessian SPD politician on Saturday night on Twitter. All SPD flags were "destroyed", some of his followers were "even physically attacked," Bartol said. He added: "I'm terrified" and "What a shock".

Police were "quick" to do "good job". His group was then accompanied by the police to the bus. After the official end of the rally with several thousand participants, it came to the evening to scuffle "between small groups of interferers in both political camps," police said. The majority of rally participants leave themselves peacefully. Meanwhile, some of the security forces would be released from work. The police travel all night with stripes in Chemnitz.

19.44: Right demonstration ended

The right demonstration organizers in Chemnitz announced the early end of the rally. After the train ended and then ended at the height of the monument with Karl-Marx-Kopf, the organizers declared loud that the train ended. However, most protesters stopped in place and did not leave. The police had previously reported that protesters tried to get to the track.

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According to the Chemnitz Police Report, a total of nearly 8500 people – against refugees and xenophobia.

19:20: Event with MDR Journalist Team

The Chemnitz police decided that an MDR team announced an event in a private apartment at the edge of the demonstrations. "Incident with an MDR team in a private apartment. We recorded and examined an ad," police tweeted on Saturday night. For details, a spokesman can say something. The sender himself spoke of an "attack" and an attack on two experienced reporters, one was injured.

In a video that the sender shared on Twitter, one of the reporters said the reporters call local residents and asked if they could film from the balcony. "No, no problem, come up", describes Andre Berthold from the "MDR current" situation in the video. A teenager had opened the door and pointed the way to the balcony, they had taken pictures. According to MDR, colleagues had also been duly presented.

"Suddenly a man behind us stood very strong, took us away on our little clothes and pulled us out, hit the camera from his hands and knocked a colleague down the stairs." he described the event. The colleague was badly injured by his hand and also has a bump, the camera is broken. "The incident involving the MDR camera service is being investigated by the police.

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The police are in place with water cannons.

19.00: Tumult in Side Street

In A side street of the demonstration in Chemnitz has come to an end, the situation is still confusing. Rights should have ripped and raised the hoods. According to a police on the ground, the aggression from Black Block, which broke across the other side of the street, was triggered. 18.50 Clock: Over 8000 people are in Chemnitz on The road

At the protests in Chemnitz on Saturday, more than 8000 people took part in the streets. According to the Assembly, about 4500 people participated in a joint March on AfD and the xenophobic Pegida Alliance. At a simultaneous event of peace and xenophobia, according to the information came about 3500 people in a parking lot at St John's Church. In the side streets counted another hundred participants.

6.20 pm : Quiet march wants to start

During the protests in Chemnitz, participants were mixed into a joint rally by AfD and the xenophobic Pegida coalition among protesters from the right-populist civil movement Pro Chemnitz. Due to the increased number of participants, the train was delayed to the right of the city. The organizers were looking for additional folders to organize the train.

The silent march begins soon against protesters. AfD calls repeatedly for discipline, it sounds loudly "lows pressure" expressions, but the atmosphere is calm. Again, speakers are used to hang Germany flags in the right direction. “/>

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In Chemnitz, Pro-Chemnitz supporters and followers of AfD and Pegida withdraw their way through the streets on Saturday.

17:48: AfD Landbishop Kalbitz blames Merkel for Chemnitz's death

in Chemnitz Hundreds of supporters of Pro Chemnitz, Pegida and AfD demonstrate together, Brandenburg's AFD country chief Andreas Kalbitz, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has blamed for it mortal attack against a man in Chemnitz. The killed 35-year-old was Merkel's death, Kalbitz said on Saturday in Neuenhagen near Berlin at a discussion event of AfD in front of about 150 followers.

Pro-Chemnitz Demonstrators Join AfD Demo and Pegida – Despite Prohibition

In half an hour after the protests began the right populist civil movement Pro Chemnitz, their participants have surprisingly decided to participate in a rally is scheduled for the next day of AfD and the xenophobic alliance Pegida. Under "We are the people" – and "Merkel must go" talks a large part of the estimated 1500 participants to the second meeting place. The police originally abolished pro-Chemnitz protesters from joining the AfD march. Martin Kohlmann from Pro Chemnitz unraveled mounting without further ado, so that everyone can change as "free citizen" to AfD.

16:45: 2000 People Protest Against Xenophobia

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In Chemnitz, people protest against xenophobia.

While the Pro Chemnitz participants were still gathered for their rally in the afternoon, a car park at St John's Church was shown by organizers more than 2,000 people for peace and against xenophobia. In addition to federal and state politicians, the mayor of Chemnitz Barbara Ludwig (SPD) was among the participants.

The police showed a strong presence, among other things, with assembled officials. The Saudi police were supported by forces from several federal states and by the federal police.

The authorities reject reports of the abuse

The Federal Police and the Interior Ministry in Saxony have reported a "serious breakdown" as a reason for the support of the police in the riots last Monday in Chemnitz was rejected. The Situation Center had refrained from requesting reinforcement at the federal police headquarters in Potsdam, a spokesman said in Dresden on Saturday on request. Additional forces and helicopters would have been in place just before midnight, he said. "Welt am Sonntag" (Sunday) wrote about a "serious breakdown" and "wrong behavior".

During the evening deployment, a request for assistance from Chemnitz police department was sent to the Situation Center according to Welt am Sonntag Ministry of Interior. The spokesman for the federal police, Ivo Priebe, confirmed to the German press office that the request from the SAI for support went to Pirna Police Inspectorate. Their forces had already been linked, for example at Chemnitz station with 60 officials. In Pirna, it was pointed out that further forces with the federal police headquarters in Potsdam would have to ask. Due to the distance and time that would have been necessary for preparation and arrival, you resigned from it. "14.30 Clock: AFD in close proximity to Pegida

AfD exercises close collaboration with Pegida: For the first time it goes from 17 Look at three AFD state associations along with the xenophobic Pegida movement on the way. The party has always officially stated sympathy, but still kept a small distance. 500 to 1000 participants are registered for the so-called "quiet march" in Chemnitz, but it is likely to be much more.

To avoid images of Hitler's greetings harmful to In the image, no banners or posters should be put together with them. The participants should wear white roses as a "sign of sorrow." But with Pegida not enough: The common silent march is in direct connection with the Pro Chemnitz composition. These participants meet at 16 and 1000 participants are registered. They will also move through the city after a rally – through the same streets as Pegida and AfD. Although this alliance not officially communicated: Even with right extremists, AfD is expected to unite in the late afternoon so probably.

On the other side, an alliance of about 70 clubs, organizations and parties has required demonstrations from kl. 15.00 under the motto "Heart instead of Hate". They expect 1000 participants. Several politicians such as Greens, Annalena Baerbock, left leader, Dietmar Bartsch and SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil have announced.

12 o'clock: Chemnitz before trial

Just one week after the first gatherings, which escalated are scheduled for four demonstrations on Saturday. Thousands of participants are expected. The police count according to that, she assures. It had requested support from federal police and from several federal states. How many forces will be there, the Chemnitz police do not announce in advance.

11 clock: Serious degradation in use last Monday

In the raid on Monday according to "Welt am Sonntag" a serious glitch in the police led to underworking. It was very good that further forces from the federal police were called for reinforcement, reported the newspaper. The Ministry of the Interior in Dresden confirmed on request that assistance from the Chemnitz police department was needed for the local ministry center during the evening's deployment and that the federal police inspector Pirna requested support. However, it was not possible in the short term.

According to the newspaper, the federal police headquarters in Potsdam and not the subordinate department of Pirna had been responsible for such demands. This common reporting route had been "unreasonable" not the thought. Several hundred people could have been ordered to Chemnitz, if necessary also with helicopters.

Monday evening, 6,000 protesters from the right-right spectrum, including neo-Nazis and hooligans ready for violence, met around 1500 against protesters – between them nearly 600 police officers. There were at least 20 injured, including two police officers.

Friday, August 31

8:00: Suspended law enforcement officer receives job seekers from AFD in Stuttgart

AFD member Baden-Württemberg Stefan Räpple has the legal official who issued the arrest warrant for a suspected criminal offender of the knife attack in Chemnitz published as a hero and offered him a job. The person concerned could strengthen his law in the Baden-Württemberg state council, Räpple said the German press office on Friday in Stuttgart. On Facebook he wrote: "You are a hero and just like all my ingenious employees are heroes in their area, I need you and your skills very well in my team."

The prosecution arrived Thursday with immediate effect has been interrupted from the service, as announced by the Ministry of Justice. The illegal issue of the arrest warrant had caused much criticism. The partially black document had been distributed, including Internet sites Pro Chemnitz, a district association of AfD and Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann. 15:35: Suspicious Iraq Presented False Paper Before

They Arrested After The Deadly Knife Attack In Chemnitz According to a media report, Iraqis have filed fake papers in their asylum procedure. An investigation by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) in Nuremberg has shown that two of the human personal acts sent by the man were "total fakes", reported "Spiegel" on Friday. Bamf did not initially comment on the report.

According to the report in October 2015, the Iraqis came to Germany via the Balkan Road. Since the 22-year-old had previously been registered as asylum seekers in Bulgaria, he could have been deported in May 2016 according to the Chemnitz administrative court in the country. But after a deadline, Germany was responsible for its proceedings.

"The Mirror" reported with reference to the human asylum document further that the Iraqis had told Bamf staff why he had to fly from the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh: He was in love with a girl there and was in trouble with his father and uncle . These would have hit him and injured him with a knife. Bamf, however, had allegations that believed to be unreliable and rejected the application for asylum on 29 August 2018.

11.30: Switzerland warns caution in Germany

Following the demonstrations and riots in Chemnitz, the Swiss Foreign Ministry sent in a tweet to be careful "Germany: Where careful when it comes to demonstrations, because riots are possible, "reads Thursday night.

11.00: Suspect could have been deported

The detained after a fatal knife attack in Chemnitz Iraqi could have been deported according to the Chemnitz Administrative Court in May 2016 to Bulgaria. There he was first registered. The expulsion was omitted.

6:30: Police: Quiet after protests in Chemnitz

Following the protest to the right-wing populist movement Pro Chemnitz on Thursday night, the police said that it remained quiet during the night. There had not been any events in Chemnitz, a police spokesman said. No further demonstrations have been announced for Friday.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) had come to Chemnitz for a long-term civil dialogue. On the side of this event, about 900 protesters protest by Pro Chemnitz. The police were in place with a big contingent. In total, officials from five federal states and federal police forces were used.

Thursday, August 30th

21.00: Protest of the end of the Right Population Movement

The protest assembly of the right-populist movement Pro Chemnitz ended without an event on Thursday night. According to official statements about the demonstration, about 900 people came to a civil dialogue with Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU). The atmosphere among the protesters was heated, but not threatening as in the protests last Monday. The protests criticized what they saw as a salmon strategy for criminal immigrants and criticized the government of Saxon government. Furthermore, the participants sent the national anthem.

20.00: Around 5,000 people in Berlin protest against xenophobia and violence

According to the police, a demonstration against violence and xenophobia in Berlin-Neukölln on Thursday evening with more than 5000 people was expected. According to the police, a private person reported only 100 participants.

The organized by the Left Party Youth Association, Solid Organized Demonstration, was directed against the riots and conflicts of Chemnitz in recent days and was under the slogan "Regardless of Chemnitz or Neukölln: On the Street Against Right Violence."

17 Clock: Prisoner Suspended After Publishing

The provision published on the Internet by a suspected perpetrator of the Chemnitz knife attack has apparently reached a Dresdner prison staff. The man was interrupted with immediate effect from the service, said the Department of Justice on Thursday. Further action against the man should be decided upon completion of the criminal investigation. Previously, the "Picture" newspaper reported that the man had asked. However, the Ministry of Justice did not confirm the staff.

11: Bremer MEP should have wiped out arrest warrant

Following the illegal publication of the arrest warrant in respect of Chemnitzer's homicide, Bremen is a prosecutor's office against Bremen citizen Jan Timke. He is suspected to have spread the arrest warrant on Facebook. Timke is a federal police and a member of the right-hand voters association Bürger in Wut. It is still unclear how the document went online.

9.30: Pro Chemnitz wants to demonstrate on Thursday

Pro Chemnitz's collegiate activists have demanded another demonstration at 18.00. Background is an event of government government in the arena. Prime Minister Kretschmer (CDU) wants to discuss it at 19 o'clock with the citizens of the city. Pro Chemnitz was also the initiator of the demonstration on Monday evening, leading to conflicts between right and left with many accidents.

7.30: Calm night

After the riots of the last days it's on Thursday night, according to the police, remained calm. A police spokesman said there were no crimes related to the riot of recent days.

5,45: Dead pants and power club want to play in Chemnitz

Chemnitz gets a concert on Monday under the motto "we are more". Then at 17.00, Toten Hosen, rapper Marteria & Casper, KIZ, fine-grained fish fillet and local heroes Kraftkub and Trettmann will perform at the Karl Marx Monument.

In response to the "disturbing evolution" in Chemnitz in recent days, the artists have joined forces at the Kraftklub for the Xenophobia and Humanity concert, the PR agency said. Check your head Wednesday in Berlin.

"All the people attacked by the neo-Nazis we want to show that they are not alone," it says in a joint statement by the musicians.

The outdoor concert from the "Rock am Kopp" series is free for visitors. Thousands of people have already signaled their participation within a few hours of the announcement.

Wednesday 29 August

5:25: Sachsen asks for help from Germany's Federal Police

The Freistate of Saxony helps with the follow-up of the events in Chemnitz Federal Police requested. This confirmed the speech art of the Federal Ministry of the Interior Ministry, Eleonore Petermann, on Wednesday. Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Horst Seehofer (CSU) had offered police assistance on Tuesday to "police support measures" on Tuesday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) then said that it was good for Seehofer to offer free state aid, "right to enforce orders and to comply with the laws". The Chancellor also called the Sachsen Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) and Chemnitz Mayor (SPD). [12455] 12:45: AfD and Pegida plan common rally

AfD and the xenophobic coalition Pegida want to demonstrate together in Chemnitz. On Saturday there will be a quiet March beginning at 17.00. They wanted to "mend Daniel Daniel's death and all to die in German's obligatory culture", according to the appeal on the Facebook page of AfD Sachsen. He is signed by the AfD state forms Jörn Urban (Saxony), Björn Höcke (Thuringia) and Andreas Kalbitz (Brandenburg). All three are expected to attend the rally.

Earlier, AfD Chairman Jörg Meuthen said that AfD did not cause a xenophobic mood in Chemnitz. "We do not pour oil into the fire there, but there is a dark mood in the country, which is only well founded," he said on Wednesday in the radio program SWR Aktuell.

12:20: Seehofer convicted publication of arrest warrant

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has strongly condemned the publication of the alleged arrest warrant against one of Chemnitz suspects. The process was "totally unacceptable," said Seehofer. It may not be that "very personal things, but also internal processes for justice" would be public. "Because you have to investigate all the possibilities available for the rule of law," said the minister.

11.15: prosecutor investigates the arrest warrant on the Internet

Dresden prosecutor investigates the Chemnitz case due to the warrants published on the Internet. It is about the responsibility for breaking official crimes, as announced by the Ministry of Justice. The prosecutor's office considers that the document is genuine. "Facts must now be cleared and the necessary criminal consequences are drawn," said it.

The document is about a 22-year-old Iraqi. He is suspected to have broken a 35-year-old German man on the side of a Chemnitz city festival on Sunday together with a 23-year-old Syrian.

9:00: SPD-name "Scandal"

Sachsen's Deputy Prime Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) has described the publication of the warrant for one of the alleged rods as a scandal. In Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) he spoke of an "upsetting process". "Police must be strengthened so that such a process is not repeated."

Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) condemned this. It was a crime, he said in MDR.

  Chemnitz crime scene

Passersby stands at Chemnitz

] 7.40 clock: Irritations to published arrest warrant

In the social networks, the arrest warrant showed against one of the alleged perpetrators issued by Chemnitz. Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann published the document on the Internet, as well as the "Pro Chemnitz" right group. The paper appears valid "Tagesschau", known as the names of the victim, the alleged perpetrator and the witnesses and the judge.

In Chemnitz, a 35-year-old was stabbed at the city festival on Sunday. As suspects, two young men were arrested from Syria and Iraq.

many users how the authority's confidential documents could come into the hands of the right.

The Saxon Interior Ministry announced via Twitter, it was not understandable where the pictures came from. 5.50: Kretschmer: "Police did a good job"

Sachsen's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) has defended his policy leadership against criticism due to Chemnitz's use. "The police did a good job," Kretschmer told the "Bild" newspaper. "The many protesters from different groups were held together. Crime has been documented and is now prosecuted," Kretschmer said.

"We will not allow the victims to be exploited by right extremists," continued Kretschmer. "On the one hand there were" terrible pictures "of "Aliens to fly protesters. And on the other hand, this horrible crime that has led to the greatest fraud. "Citizens' fear and sorrow for this action" must be allowed. For protesters who had shown the Nazi greetings in Chemnitz, Kretschmer said that these were "really terrible pictures." The people concerned have been captured "and will soon notice that in Saxony is severely punished, who does such thing. "There is" on the borders of society "a scene of right extremists who repeatedly try to penetrate into my society." This will not allow Saxony.

5.00 clock: Calm night in Chemnitz

After the riots of the last days, it has been quiet at Chemnitz on Wednesday. There have been no major incidents, a police spokesman said in the morning. According to the police in Chemnitz, 20 people were injured on Monday evening, including two police officers , under protests by right and left protesters.

Tuesday, 28 August

19:32: CDU Interior Policy: AFD more and more a case of protection of constitution en

Input expert Armin Schuster, CDU, urges the country's constitutional authorities to take AFD carefully. The authorities would have to investigate if "the many border crossings do not follow a planned plan for what their speeches speak," said the parliamentary "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" and "Stuttgarter Zeitung "(Wednesday). AfD would "increasingly be a case for protecting the constitution", especially as the party leader Alexander Gauland now has to "be at least once a month from the delistion of one of his party members".

18:25: A little influx of the guard in Dresden

A vigil of the people from the atmosphere of the Islamophobic Pegida movement has been received on Tuesday in Dresden, initially a little influx. One hour after the start of the campaign, recorded at the events in Chemnitz, only about 50 participants came. About 100m away gathered about three times as many against protesters. Since there were no chants or numbers at the beginning of both sides, the events seemed very static.

17.00: Daniel H .: Victim

Rights make him a people's hero, left a resistance fighter to the right: Daniel H., a family's father killed in Chemnitz on the weekend, is taken in all directions and becomes a political figure . Little is known about him.