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Céline Dion's twins celebrate their birthday

Private photos are rare on Céline Dion's Instagram account. For her ninth birthday to her sons Nelson and Eddy, the singer has now posted two photos showing all the pride for Mama.

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Stage photos, bizarre clothes and insights into their everyday music lives abound on Céline Dion's official Instagram account. But her family mostly keeps the singer from social media. Fans and followers are all the more happy with a cute birthday post.

The occasion for the two photos is the birthday of their twins Nelson Angélil and Eddy Angélil. "Twice as much laughter and twice as much love. Happy 9th birthday, Nelson and Eddy! I am so proud of my boys … ̵

1; I love you, Mom xx …", writes 51-year-old French and English.

In the first photo, the twins both smile coolly at the camera. The other shows the brothers already much more fun, both cutting the photographer's faces. Photos of this kind are a tradition in Dion's house: every year on the twins' birthday, the proud mother publishes one or two snapshots of her children. There was even a family portrait for the eighth birthday. Comparing the pictures from this and last year shows: The boys have become much more mature in the last twelve months.

Besides Céline Dion and the twins, René-Charles Angélil also poses for the photo. At the age of 18, the oldest son of the singer is the man in the house. The father of the three children of "My Heart Will Go On" interpreter, René Angélil, died in January 2016 as a result of cancer. (Kms)
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