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Corona riots in Belgrade: what is happening in Serbia?

Analysis Street battle, police violence and a virus in the middle – what happens in Serbia? Demonstrations against a planned curfew over the weekend took place in the capital of Serbia Belgrade on Tuesday. People in all political stripes protested. It’s about lies, despair and of course Corona – but the situation remains confusing. Anarchy in Belgrade: Tuesday evening there …

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After three months back at the airport in Estonia

Facebook / @Roman Trofimov 1/9 Roman Trofimov did it after over 100 days. Facebook / @Roman Trofimov 2/9 Estonia fled from “captivity” at Manila Airport. Facebook / @Roman Trofimov 3/9 Estonia made it known on Facebook. Facebook / @Roman Trofimov 8/9 Then he got at least one chamber to sleep in. Facebook / @Roman Trofimov 9/9 How Estonian made it …

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Saudi Arabia: Prince Mohammend’s digital arsenal

The Saudi Crown Prince has acquired a digital arsenal with which he can monitor, intimidate and tear down his critics around the world. Israeli technology helps him do this. With spyware and online campaigns, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has criticized and frightened critics around the world. Amr Nabil / AP Saudi human rights activist Yahya Assiri regularly organizes conferences …

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Hospital staff should turn off the Corona app – look

keystone-sda.ch 1/7 St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital recommends that its staff shut down the Corona warning app throughout their work. GIAN EHRENZELLER 2/7 The clinic fears many false alarms and the associated absence of staff. AFP 3/7 The recommendation applies only to staff, but not visitors. keystone-sda.ch 7/7 The Corona app has been downloaded about a million times. To avoid false …

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Bolsonaro tested positive – “Look at me, I’m fine”

What’s next for the Brazilian president’s health? Jair Bolsonaro takes a drug whose benefits are controversial. Christoph Gurk from Buenos Aires Updated 1 hour ago On the Internet, many want him to recover quickly, while others want the course to be as difficult as possible or worse: On July 7, Jair Bolsonaro announced that he was infected with the corona …

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USA: Trump takes on his corona expert Fauci

AFP 1/88 The blessing between Trump and his Corona adviser Anthony Fauci is wrong. Dukas 2/88 Fauci warns of coronavirus, Trump no longer wants to listen to him. 3/88 Florida May: 100,000 deaths in corona in the United States. The country thinks of people. This man is protesting with empty body bags against the Miami government. 87/88 Despite the corona …

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