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20 Minutes – Homeowner finds Tiger in bed

A tigerweed is a India fleeing the Monsun surprises in one house. Dort puts the Tier in one bed, was the Naturschutzorganisation Wildlife Trust of India with a matching photo on Twitter readout. There Kaziranga National Park, which is the Tier habit index, stays firmly under water. The Parktere mice swim through the washing masses, settled on high areas. Least …

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Srebrenica massacre – Dutch could hardly save victims – News

Synopsis Although UN soldiers are partially guilty, they could not have saved the victims, the Supreme Court in The Hague. After a court of justice, the Netherlands is solely responsible for the fact that 350 Muslims in Srebrenica were killed during the Yugoslav war in 1995. The Dutch have barely been able to save the men, the High School ruled …

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50 Years on the Moon Landing: "The Next Big Conflict Threatens in Space"

Space lawyer Stephan Hobe warns that the moon is exploited and irreversibly damaged. Image: image: montage watson / Cologne / Cologne university Interview "The moon would be irreversible because of the exploitation of raw materials damaged" 50 years ago the first man landed on the moon. The laws of the universe for vague. The space lawyer Stephan Hobe says and …

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Captain Rackete appeals after hearing in the EU

The 31-year-old was illegally driven to the port of Lampedusa at the end of June with dozens of immigrants on board. Italy is examining allegations of support for illegal immigration and resistance to a warship. 18.7.2019, 19:53 Sea guard captain Carola Rackete. (Image: Guglielmo Mangiapane / Reuters) (dpa) The German captain, Carola Rackete, who was temporarily arrested in Italy, has …

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The author said: Schweizer had developed Zecken Biowaffen – News International: America

In Switzerland, 10,000 people have been arrested in the past, carrying Lyme-borreliosis, due to diseases, the Bundesamt for health. The disease can cause severe shards if it is not treated. In the United States, if you scream estimates between 300,000 and 437,000 people annually and borreliosis, no politician has suspected a recurrence of the bacteria: Congress-co-ordinated Chris Smith is still …

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Todesstrafe für Mord og zwei Touristinjen

Three Täter, who were murdered by murders and two Scandinavian rucksack tourist refuges, became alleged to be Tode. The two Swiss Doppelbürger came to you 10 and 20 years. for Louisa and Lakes from Denmark and Norway, which became a Morocco uprising for a terrorist attack. ” srcset=”https://img.blick.ch/incoming/15093288-v23-il03-enquete-maroc-11.jpg?imwidth=1000&ratio=FREE&x=0&y=0&width=2048&height=1667″/> 2/17 Tiredness in Copenhagen for Louisa and Lakes from Denmark and Norway, …

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