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New Apple App Store Guidelines: Microsoft and Google Gaming Streaming Services Disadvantaged | 23.09.20

In the middle of Apple’s legal dispute with Epic Games, the guidelines for the App Store suddenly changed – Apple has opened another front against the giants Google and Microsoft. • New Apple guidelines prohibit players from jumping from game to game in their game catalog • Innovations also affect Google Stania and Microsoft’s xCloud • Apple wants to ensure …

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Google Drive Recycle Bin: Prevent data loss

There are some Google services that offer a recycle bin feature, including Gmail and Google Photos. Depending on the product, files moved to the Recycle Bin are automatically deleted permanently after 30 to 90 days. Until now, this has not been the case with Google Drive, which means that the files remain permanently in the Recycle Bin until users delete …

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Hidden in iOS 14: Secret features of iPhone

Hell, they’re more likely to freeze over than Apple allows a browser other than Safari to be used on the iPhone. With iOS 14, it happened anyway, and so did the headlines. This feature is at least somewhat known, but it is still not that easy to change the default browser. You need to dive into “Settings” and switch to …

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Android gets a new hammer feature: Update shows why someone calls

Unwanted spam and fraudulent calls are unfortunately still a major problem today. Criminals often pretend to be employees of banks or large companies like Microsoft to use their scams to access data or even the money of the people called. When an unknown number rings in a phone or smartphone, it can be difficult to distinguish legitimate calls from fraud. …

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