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Route blocked: Freight train in Bonaduz GR tracked

BLICK reader reporter 1/3 A freight train tracked in Bündner Bonaduz BLICK reader reporter 2/3 No one was injured. Residents, however, complain about the speed of passing freight trains. BLICK Reader Reporter 3/3 The route is closed until further notice. Shortly after 4 pm, three wagons were tracked by a freight train between Rhazuns and Bonaduz, at the entrance to …

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20 minutes – gang hated Swiss money carrier in visor

In a forest near Collonges (F) near the Swiss border near Geneva, eight people between 30 and 50 years were arrested on Thursday morning. During the operation, the French authorities apparently prevented a raid on a precious metal carrier in Switzerland, as "Le Parisien" reported. In the Wald, the arrestees had prepared their Coup. The police secured more vehicles, crash …

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91 million francs planned security center planted

At the Rothenburg Station railway station, the government plans a safety center for the Luzerner police, the Food Control and Consumer Protection Services and the Veterinary Service. The last word would be for the people. Matthias Stadler 4.11.2019, 17:54 Uhr "Did the government order the donor trousers on Monday?" Chief Financial Officer. Reto Wyss presented on Monday together with Government …

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Dumping prices: Basel security companies' hard suppression fight

CEO Ofir Kroo is also often on his way to regulate traffic. Image: ch media / Kenneth Nars Dumping prices for government contracts: The harsh repression of the security companies in Basel For large orders Security companies want to be as cheap as possible to win the order. Jonas Hoskyn / ch media Given the many construction sites, they are …

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BMW crash on A1 at Rothrist: Kosovare force in Leitplanke

Aargau canton police 1/3 A BMW driver had a motorway A1 at Rothrist AG On Sunday morning, control of his car was lost. Aargau canton police 2/3 Daraufhin took the red BMW X5 ers in the Rand and then in the Mittelitplank. Kantonspolizei Aargau 3/3 During the crash both the Kosovar driver (37) as well as his Macedonian driver (27) …

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Knessecherei voor Zürcher Shisha Lounge claims injuries

Dubai Shisha Lounge 1/4 In and before the Dubai Shisha Lounge came to a knife factory Dubai Shisha Lounge 2/4 In Dubai Shisha Lounge it gives again events. Dubai Shisha Lounge 3/4 At the Dubai Shisha Lounge, the police had to intervene. Googlemap 4/4 Brass stitching took place at Friesstrasse 10 in Zurich. In the early morning hours, at Friesstrasse …

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