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The passenger stop becomes uncertain: SGV adjusts the timetable massively – and is considering redundancies

The Covid-19 pandemic torpedoes shipping – and thus shipping in Lake Lucerne (SGV). As the number of passengers has decreased significantly, those responsible for the autumn table are declining and expect a serious decline in sales. The shipping company in Vierwaldstättersee (SGV) pulls the cord. As the number of passengers has almost halved since June compared to the previous year, …

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Prohibition of Turkish events in Reinach was legal

Shortly before the implementation, it became known that various groups were calling for a counter-event. These groups came from the area of ​​Antifa and the Kurdish movement, according to a ruling by the federal court published on Monday. On the day of the Turkish Federation’s Swiss planned event to celebrate the Battle of Gallipoli, there was also a football match …

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The Audi driver ran to his mother in handcuffs

Zvg 1/5 VISA research shows: The Audi driver who cheated the city police in Zurich on Monday morning is Rafael L. (24). Reader reporter 2/5 With a weapon drawn, a Zurich police officer arrested Rafael L. (24) in his Audi on Werdstrasse. He had tried to escape control. Reader reporter 3/5 At first, the situation seemed under control. But after …

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Christian Amsler takes sick leave after being voted on

Corner-stone 1/7 It is a setback for the FDP’s government councilor Christian Amsler. Corner-stone 2/7 On Sunday, the people of Schaffhausen withdrew their trust after ten years as advisers. shutterstock 3/7 Today, the Schaffhausen Cantonal Council is discussing the school dental clinic affair. Corner-stone 7/7 Amsler apologized for the cantonal meeting due to illness. At 8 o’clock, Schaffhausen’s highest resident, …

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