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Election 2019: reactions, analyzes, evaluations

Major changes in Parliament: These are the final results of the national elections Forecasts, extrapolations, results: The number of elections can sometimes be a little confusing. We have compiled all election results at the national level in interactive graphics. Source link

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This is how Ausland thinks about the "climate choice" in Switzerland

"The Siege of the Climate Alliance", titled the online edition of the German weekly "Die Zeit". "Then one should still say, elections in Switzerland say boring," the newspaper said. "Was during today's election day only about Switzerland, recalled one freak wave ." The "green wave" led to new relations of power, which say "from the German optics only Kinkerlitzchen. In …

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2019 Elections – the Results in Overview

Green and Green Liberal win, defeat SVP and SP – win the elections at a glance Green win in National Council according to calculation 17 seats. With the swing of these triumphs in historical mass, they promptly bring them to the Federal Council for talks. Also, the Green Liberals get nine additional seats. The SVP as the biggest loser in …

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Poisoning kills hundreds of thousands of bees in Aargau

Keystone 1/5 Many bees were killed by fipronil in Aargau. (Icon image) Keystone 2/5 In 2017 it is already closed Fipronil caused an egg scandal when millions of eggs from Belgium and the Netherlands contained insecticides. Fenaco 3/5 Fenaco's subsidiary Landi has sold insecticides in their agricultural centers. Image: Landi branch in Hoeri ZH. apiservice 4/5 According to Bee Health …

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Teacher check: Syrians from Möriken are not required in any school

schule-moeriken-wildegg.ch The student of the Kreisschule in Möriken AG gets the teacher mediated with the fist in the face. No school in Aargau can accommodate the teenager (14) from Möriken AG. Even at a special class for casual students, he excelled. And a planned re-scheduling next week will be stopped at the last moment. That education is being given to …

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PS-Boliden crash: Young drivers dismantle Corvette and Audi R8

BRK News 1/13 On Friday around 20:30, a 33-year-old lost control of a Corvette. 19659005] BRK News 2/13 This is what the sports car looked like after a major crash. BRK News 3/13 He is completely destroyed, the passenger (19) seriously injured. Kapo AG 13/13 The 19-year-old remained intact. The windshield burst into small pieces of broken glass, the door …

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