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Meditation successfully helps with pain, depression and high blood pressure

Meditation can help with many diseases In Eastern Eastern culture, our thoughts are often described as a walking monkey, which constantly moves and jumps from tree to tree. With meditation exercises, this "monkey spirit" should be soothed and tamed. Feelings like fear, anger, tension and stress can be controlled in this way. But meditation can do more than just direct …

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Proof of concept: "Killer app" for insulin pumps

Professionals and managers in many industries use IDG media daily to find out the latest news in the IT and digitalisation segment. The authors of the IDG expert network contribute their articles to the content. The IDG Expert Network does not target manufacturers or service providers to place marketing or advertising on companies, products or services. Companies interested in this …

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On muscle signals, robot arm is implanted in humans implanted

Fortgeschrittene Prothetik: Willkommen in der Zukunft "We are the guarantor. They were assimilated! "Star Trek or similar science-fiction stories know that human and machine disguises believed in theme in this genre. If possible, you will be able to do one international research team in the real estate. You implant successful robot arms as prostheses and volunteer studies. The poor were …

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New, on AAIC® 2019 research facilities presented include a healthy living environment that can worsen environmental conditions and genetic risks for Alzheimer's | 07/18/19

International Conference on Interested Expertise on the Role of Infectious Disease in Alzheimer's Disease including Fortschritte on Blood Testing LOS ANGELES July 18, 2019 / PRNewswire / – At the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) 2019 in Los Angeles Presented Research Resolutions Emphasize that the change may affect different living habits of a healthy lifestyle with a large mass positive …

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Broken-Heart syndrome instantly reconnects with cancer cramps

Improving the Broken Heart Syndrome The Risk of Cancer Repelling Disorders Repeated That One of Six People with a so-called Broken Heart Syndrome is recognized by Cancer. This pervades a strong connection between recurrence and crushing. At the present examination of the University of Zurich, a connection between the Broken-Heart Syndrome and cancer is broken. The results published in the …

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Alzheimer's: The new test is expected to detect the disease artery before the start

<img srcset = "// www.fr.de/images/authors/fr/pam/autor_Doerhoefer_Pamela-20190109165921908-iWJ.jpg 100w, //www.fr.de/images/authors/fr/pam/autor_Doerhoefer_Pamela -20190109165921908-ie2.jpg 64w, //www.fr.de/images/authors/fr/pam/autor_Doerhoefer_Pamela-20190109165921908-iRJ.jpg 50wx (min-width: 900px) 640px) 10vw, (min-width: 480px) 10vw, 15vw "alt =" Pamela Dörhöfer "title =" Pamela Dörhöfer "src =" // www.fr.de/images/authors/fr/pam/autor_Doerhoefer_Pamela-20190109165921908- ie2.jpg "class =" id-AuthorList-item-image " at Pamela Dörhöfer near Alzheimer's disease should be diagnosed as early as possible and a new test should detect dementia diseases before the onset …

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