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"My Körper hears me!" US-Wrestlerin is buried in Mexico

"My Körper belongs to me!" US-Wrestlerin is buried in Mexico Really gives Wrestling Shows a valid rule: Walkers did not coincide in those fighters and they did not care about any suspensions. Nicht and die vorbaben is even more informative in Mexico. There fan US-Wrestlerin Scarlett Bordeaux. The 28-year-old moved his attention to the audience, when he saw them packing …

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Joko and Klaas moderated on ProSieben taff is arrived here

Joco and Klaas have sat together on Monday morning "taff" moderated. screenshot: projects Joko and Klaas have lost some Prosies were those consequences Jessica Ruhstorfer / watson.de Joko und After all, Neuestem says that everyone owns their own worker. At Joko & Klaas gave ProSieben the moderator module sets the transmitters of the transmitters. If they win, they will send …

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Vanessa Mai campaigns for naturalness on Instagram

Pop star Vanessa Mai, with a photo on Instagram, shakes her head with her fans. Vanessa Mai gets annoyed at Instagram with this photo about body criticism. "srcset =" https://img.blick.ch/incoming/15376418-v1-bildschirmfoto-2019-06-17-um-10-49-56.jpg?imwidth=1000&ratio=FREE&x=0&y=0&width=467&height= 581 "/> 1/7 Instagram Vanessa Mai gets annoyed at Instagram with this 2/7 Dukas There are" bacon rolls "to see how it always well educated There are "bacon rolls" to …

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Tamy Glauser makes Dominique a false suggestion on the Pride scene

Fans can't wait for a commitment between Tamy Glauser and Dominique Rinderknecht. At Pride it seemed as if time had come – instead Glauser made a darling declaration for her sweetheart. 1/7 [19659004] Instagram Tamy Glauser and Dominique Rinderknecht (r.) Celebrated on Saturday at Pride in Zurich. 2/7 Instagram On stage, Glauser suddenly fell on his lap in front of …

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20 minutes – Girl (3) destroys valuable sculpture

Suddenly, it squeezed and pounded at Art Basel. The sculpture "Fly" by artist Katharina Fritsch from Düsseldorf fell off the pedestal. The wings of the fly had fallen off. Damage: 56,000 francs. The perpetrator is a three-year-old girl. Her mother had printed her through the exhibition in the buggy when the girl grabbed the fly and printed the artwork on …

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Boxers actually die in the ring?

The second-last Swiss crime scene with Flückiger and Ritschard goes into an extremely brutal scene. In a professional woman boxing match, one of the opponents dies in the ring. Should such a thing really happen? The "Tatort" investigators Reto Flückiger (Stefan Gubser) and Liz Ritschard (Delia Mayer) actually stand for calm and caution. In their last-but-case, "Counted", they gave a …

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