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Brad Pitt is "very disappointed" by ex-wife Angelina Jolie

WireImage 1/7 Angelina Jolie pleaded in an interview about her ex-husband Brad Pitt. WireImage [19659006] She must stay with your children in the United States because her father Brad Pitt lives. ” srcset=”https://img.blick.ch/incoming/15606306-v0-gettyimages-1178257190.jpg?imwidth=1000&ratio=FREE&x=0&y=0&width=5374&height=3583″/> 2/7 She must remain with your children in the United States because her father Brad Pitt lives there. Getty Images 3/7 " I would love to live …

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Affair – Lady Gaga talks plain text about Bradley Cooper

See more 30 images [ { "src": "https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/11/7/583f8b3a-0e13-4777-bfab-1e3e2b104e28.jpeg?w=1024&auto=format", "srcset": "https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/11/7/583f8b3a-0e13-4777-bfab-1e3e2b104e28.jpeg?w=1024&auto=format 1024w, https: // production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/11/7/583f8b3a-0e13-4777-bfab-1e3e2b104e28.jpeg?w=750&auto=format 750w, https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix .net / 2019/11/7 / 583f8b3a-0e13-4777-bfab-1e3e2b104e28.jpeg? w = 620 & auto = format 620w, https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/11/ 7 / 583f8b3a-0e13-4777-bfab-1e3e2b104e28.jpeg? W = 450 & car = format 450w, https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/11/7/583f8b3a-0e13-4777 -bfab-1e3e2b104e28 .jpeg? w = 320 & auto = 320w format ", "sizes": "90vw", "subHtml": " Today's images In …

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Fans are ripping around H&M designer fashion

The new collection of Giambattista Valli on the fashion chain H&M has made long queues in front of the Swiss branches. Keystone H&M now offers fashion by Italian star designer Giambattista Valli. Enthusiastic fans have been waiting since midnight to get hold of parts of the coveted collection. Once again, the Swedish fashion chain has landed a bargain with its …

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"A Stupid Child"? How is Greta Thunberg hated

See 11 more pictures [ { "src": "https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/8/14/8beaf418-6ed2-4f02-827f-a0c2768ca85b.png?rect=0%2C32%2C1042%2C585&w=1024&auto = format " "srcset": "https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/8/14/8beaf418-6ed2-4f02-827f-a0c2768ca85b.png?rect=0%2C32%2C1042%2C585&w=1024&auto = format 1024w, https: //production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/8/14/8beaf418-6ed2-4f02-827f-a0c2768ca85b.png? rect = 0% 2C32% 2C1042% 2C585 & w = 750 & auto = format 750w, https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/8/14/8beaf418-6ed2-4f02-827f-a0c2768ca85b.png?rect=0% 2C32% 2C1042% 2C585 & w = 620 & auto = format 620w, https: //produktion-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/8/14/8beaf418-6ed2-4f02-827f-a0c2768ca85b.png? Rect = 0% 2C32% 2C1042% 2C585 & w = 450 & auto …

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Horoscope of November 7 – Annabelle

Horoscope of November 7 annabelle Horoscope: These Zodiacs are fast on 180 ELLE Germany Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs that depend on love InStyle Germany Horoscope of November 6 annabelle [19659002] Horoscope: These zodiacs find Christmas Love ELLE Germany More on Google News Source link

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Tom Neuwirth turns 31: his way to his art figures "Conchita" and "Wurst"

Updated 06 November 2019, 23:23 Tom Neuwirth became known as Conchita Wurst by winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. At the same time, the Austrian travesty artist and musician, who celebrates his 31st birthday on 6 November, during the two separate personalities "Conchita" and "Wurst". But how did his many changes, including many visual changes, happen? © spot on news …

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