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Helene Fischer: Big setback! Pop singer crashed emotionally

Pop star Helene Fischer (34) is spoiled for success. Now the singer has to face a bitter defeat. © picture alliance / dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd Helene Fischer has brought glamor and glamor to Germany's dusty hit scene. But Schlagerqueen's belief swayed – now it must accept a bitter setback. Munich – Helene Fischer so far floats on success. Even …

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Fans say goodbye to Karel God – hundreds of thousands expected

View another 33 images [ { "src": "https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/10/11/7a73be2d-4723-4b4b-8aeb-075247c10db7.jpeg?rect=0%2C77%2C1300%2C730&w=1024&auto format = ", "srcset": "https://production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/10/11/7a73be2d-4723-4b4b-8aeb-075247c10db7.jpeg?rect=0%2C77%2C1300%2C730&w=1024&auto = format 1024w, https: //production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/10/11/7a73be2d-4723-4b4b-8aeb-075247c10db7.jpeg? rect = 0% 2C77% 2C1300% 2C730 & w = 750 & auto = format 750w, https: //production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/10/11/7a73be2d-4723-4b4b-8aeb-075247c10db7.jpeg? rect = 0% 2C77% 2C1300% 2C730 & w = 620 & auto = format 620w, https: //production-livingdocs-bluewin-ch.imgix.net/2019/10/11/7a73be2d-4723-4b4b-8aeb-075247c10db7.jpeg? Rect = 0% 2C77% 2C1300% 2C730 & w …

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Angelina Jolie wants to father-son relationship kitten

image images / Matrix 1/8 Angelina Jolie wants to make sure that her ex -Man Brad Pitt and his son Maddox are reconciled. WireImage 2/8 Maddox has not spoken to his father since 2016. [19659005] WireImage 3/8 bridging the gap between father and son: "But until now Maddox still wanted to know nothing." Image: Angelina Jolie with her children Zahara …

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DSDS winner Alphonso Williams is in the hospital

Instagram 1/7 With a black and white photo, Alphonso William's family provides a health update. Sat .1 2/7 He has been in hospital for nine weeks. Sat.1 3/7 Initially he did not want to inform his fans about his stay in the hospital. Sat.1 7/7 Last year he played in "Celebrity Big Brother." American Idol winner Alphonso Williams (57) shocks …

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Liselotte Powder and your Sex Bomb Dream – bluewin.ch

Liselotte Powder and your sex bomb-dream bluewin.ch Lilo Powder: We have the actress for 90th birthday visit Swiss Illustrated Lilo Powder: Jesses! Verneli is 90! New Zürcher Zeitung Liselotte Powder: The Ms. Wunder Becomes 90 GMX.ch She played Gotthelfs Vreneli – then it went on to Hollywood Days Magazine More on topic in Google News [19659007] Source link

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