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20 minutes – do you recognize this James Bond?

Fifty years ago, the film of the Bond movie "In Her Majesty's Secret Service" was completed. Switzerland also had a large share in the film's success – to be more precise: Schilthorn's summit, also called Piz Gloria in the film. The world-renowned rotating restaurant served as the headquarters of the villain Blofeld. The upper part of the Schilthorn is still …

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Stefan Mross: Damit did not count anyone!

Summer, sun and moneys, so the motto laughed at the hottest edition of "Ever weathered". At 34.6 degrees, the host Stefan Mross welcomed guests at the venue in the Europa Park. Being of Schlager.de has the most important two-hour curve and compact syntax. Jan Schrödel again on the way to Sommerhitkönig This category says Jahren Tradition: Die Wahl des Sommerhitkönigs. …

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"Haus des Geldes" is located in Staffel 3

"Haus des Geldes" has been restored. bild: netflix "Haus des Geldes" owned by Staffel 3 – and Netflix says until the new Gangster team Also runs on July 19 one alarm (or four) on the handy. Then the Gangster of "Haus des Geldes" enters a table 3 where we are on Netflix. Under the streaming service, some of the new …

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Queen Elizabeth II meets Margaret Baxter after 70 years!

Buckingham Palace official Twitter account published a monochrome picture of its first meeting 70 years ago. Here Margaret Baxter had a uniform and Queen Elizabeth, who was then a princess, an uncomfortable coat. Another time, as current images show. While the Queen in light pink greets Margaret Baxter, she wears a floral pattern. Source link

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Silbereisen: Helene Fischer ex has a new "Dreamship" colleague

Since the end of January this year, it has become known that Florian Silbereisen, 37, will be the captain of "Dream Ship" from Christmas 2019, the thrill increases, which will board him. Gradually more and more names became known, which besides Silbereisen aka captain Max Parger will set sail. Sarah Lombardi, 26, and Joko Winterscheidt, among others 40, are among …

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