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Photo with pop star Helene Fischer giving lecture – Schweizer Illustrierte

Photo with pop star Helene Fischer says Swiss Illustrated Helene Fischer: What does this ring mean? Nau.ch Helene Fischer: Your new turn! Schlager.de | The Schlager & Volksmusik Portal Helene Fischer: Backstage Photos with Interesting Detail Discusses | Stars tz.de Helene Fischer: Secret Engagement? Schlager.de | The Pop and Folk Music Portal More on this topic in Google News Source …

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"Ninja Warrior Germany": So love the dramatic finale

Updated on 09 November 2019, 09:48 clock Arleen Schüssler (27) and Alexander Wurm (23) are the Königspaar of the super athletes. You saw in a very exciting final of the "Ninja Warrior Germany" athletic extra class. Nur: Will the legendary Mount Midoriyama also be related? Michael Siegmund was with 38 the oldest finalist. But the race was too heavy for …

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Swiss bio chief responds to streaming: "We are now showing series"

It should not look so empty in the cinemas. Swiss film chain Pathé responds to Netflix and Co. Image: Unsplash Interview Swiss bio manager responds to streaming services: "We are now showing series" In the interview, the manager of the Swiss bio chain Pathé explains, when he wants to bring the audience back to the showrooms. Daniel Fuchs / ch …

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Emma Watson took advantage of the "Harry Potter" film in therapy

Emma Watson in interview with British "Vogue". Image: screenshot youtube People-News Emma Watson embarked on the "Harry Potter" film in therapy Emma Watson ( 29) longed for the role of the wise, aspiring Hermione Granger in the "Harry-Potter" films of worldwide fame. Prepared in nine years, "Little" was a movie star. For this, they are cast and cast out of …

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Misunderstanding Wagyu – News Life: Food and Drink

"It was too greasy for me now!" That's how it sounds among the guests after eating at the Focus Wagyu restaurant. As a little help, Chief Chef Patrick Mahler says they would be relatively small portions on the plate – a maximum of 80 grams per person. He also serves to break the flavor intensity of the delicacies a little, …

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