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Pauley Perrette refuses comeback for fear of Mark Harmon

Ex-NCIS star Pauley Perrette published serious allegations against Mark Harmon alias Gibbs on Twitter . So she excludes a comeback for fear of an attack by Harmon . Since Pauley Perretes "Navy CIS" exit has moved into the country for several months. The 50-year-old had left the show after season 15 and called for unacceptable conditions on set. But she …

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Helene Fischer & Thomas Seitel: Death Shakes Young Happiness

Almost a year ago, Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer and dancer Thomas Seitel float on cloud nine. But now dark clouds are rising. One death has shaken young happiness deeply. And suddenly everything was different. Just a few weeks ago, Thomas Seitel spoke in an interview about his beloved grandparents. Now the man, alongside Helene Fischer, must dig her grandmother Margareta, who …

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Hollywood loses a big: "Easy Rider" star Peter Fonda is dead

Hollywood Loses a Big One: "Easy Rider" star Peter Fonda is dead American actor Peter Fonda, who became famous for the cult movie "Easy Rider", is dead. He is in his on Friday home in Los Angeles reported to have died of lung cancer, the actress's family said. Fonda died in the family circle after his agent's arrest this morning. …

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Princess Christina is tot

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Rainer Maria Salzgeber: So is celebrating the 50th birthday

… his wife Also in love, the Wallis celebrates this year's anniversary: ​​Exactly 20 years he is married to his late Gattin Chantal, 47. His recipe for a long marriage? “It is most important that my wife accepts my life model with these very irregular working hours. Without them my career would not have been possible, ”he says. "Speech: We …

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