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"Bullshit Bingo" – Augsburg Fans Mock Trainer Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt stands ready for pressure in Augsburg.

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After Augsburg's start of the season Augsburg coach Martin Schmidt countered a rough wind. Before the game, Bayern Munich givt's for the Wallis even mocking their own fans.

As Martin Schmidt took over April in Augsburg, the FCA was in the middle of a relegation battle. The poor Wallis had just brought an audible portion of Euphoria with and so the Augsburg in Frankfurt was just a very unexpected 3: 1 victory, followed by a bombastic 6: 0 against Stuttgart. Shortly thereafter, class content was secured – and Schmidt was celebrated as a savior.

As fast as it can go in football, a Facebook post from the Augsburg fan club "Burning Nuts" says. This reacted with a bit of humor on the missed season start of the FCA – the Schmidt club has won a game, lies just one point ahead of the relegation places and fumbled in the cup at the Four Leagues.

The "Burning Nuts", which open a humorous preview for each game day, created a "Bullshit Bingo" with contentless statements by the Swiss Trainers before the Bayern game on Saturday. The rules of the game: For each Floskel, who Schmidt said during the press conference, a field must be highlighted. The statements were "We learned a lot from the last game" and "We know where we are going to find". As soon as you have five kestchen in one row, you can "immediately turn off and drink beer."

Whether sarcastic or not – a coach in Martin Schmidt's situation can certainly use better in his present situation than the homes of his own fans. Markus Kamenew, chairman of the Fan Club, justifies himself in the "Augsburger Allgemeine": "We have to agree on our Facebook page whether we should publicize this one builder or critical flyer." The result said 65 percent: the 340 participants pleaded for a critical foundation. "After all, it runs so catastrophic, many have said to me: Now it must be critical here." And in fact, the fan club for the action receives a lot of praise. "Truly exuberant", "Saugut" and "Genial" can be read in the comments.

Kamenew said, he has called Schmidt's press conferences and then said he "struck out this eternally similar sustained parole". Against the Swiss coach, there really is nothing really. "But if I live to 100. Mal hear that you have to mow grass and so far and over the weekend I see the old trot – then it is easy for me." Zuletzt had Augsburg against Leverkusen 0: 3 and at Gladbach 1: 5 verloren. That is why I laughed at the fact that laughter is now gone, so Kamenew.

Schmidt: "Fans must and must also be critically speaking"

Martin Schmidt remains cool after the intense side-lift of his own trailer. "Every coach, no matter where he works, has difficult phases where he gets pressure", he is quoted from the "Augsburger Allgemeine". That criticism comes, said legitimately, "but I must completely resolve myself, which would only affect my work. It is important that I stay in the lane and focus on my work. "

Also, fans should be critical, Schmidt emphasizes:" They also have to do it, otherwise it might not be in order. " A small portion of gallows humor also doesn't have to be: "Right now, we are lying and worrying about positive headlines. Then the game comes straight against Bayern. »

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