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Brexit: Boris Johnson is started in Luxembourg and skips PK

Boris Johnson should have been left. Image: EPA

Boris Johnson wanted to hold a press conference in Luxembourg – it did not turn out the same way

Boris Johnson was very safe this weekend. He would lead his country from the EU, he said with confidence.

In an interview with the magazine "Mail on Sunday" he made a comparison with the cartoon character Hulk. "The more angry Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. And he always got away, no matter how close it looked to him," he said. And this will also be the case for Britain.

However, the British Prime Minister landed on Monday, again on the hard ground of reality. During his visit to Luxembourg, the outgoing European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made clear that no progress had been made. It is for the UK to submit proposals that are viable and consistent with the starting agreement. " Juncker stressed.

Johnson was not happy that afternoon either. At his meeting with Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, he was greeted by an angry crowd. Angry British expatriates blasted Johnson mercilessly.

to worry about whether the planned press conference in the garden could actually take place.

nde Johnson failed to kick the microphone afterwards and immediately interrupted the press conference to his noisy compatriots.

Xavier Bettel streamed alone to the microphone and couldn't help laughing.

At the same time, the image of the orphaned lecturer is already a meme.

So he might not have imagined his first appearance after the Hulk comparison of course.

Johnson later explained why he stayed away from the press conference. In fact, the 55-year-old said it was "very loud" that it would have been unfair to the Luxembourg Prime Minister.


The Brexit mess since Johnson took over

It's not going well Boris Johnson

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