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Boycott talk: Bullshit against rapper Loredana

Loredana Zefi (23) is currently experiencing a bullshit on social media. The Swiss rapper is still hostile to the alleged fraud scandal that became public in May 2019. At the time, Valaisian Petra Z. * claimed that Loredana had taken about 700,000 francs from her husband and her. A case against the rapper still awaits Lucerne prosecutors.

Concerns about the fan are due to new statements from the alleged victim Petra Z., who in 20 minutes explained how badly her family had done since the incident. Now she could not even pay for her mother’s funeral. “If Loredana had not taken all my money, we would be fine,” Petra Z. told the newspaper. At present, the couple is said to have to make do with CHF 200 per month – minus the rent and health insurance costs.

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