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Body weight controlled by brains – Natural Medicine & Natural Medicine Specialized Portal

metabolism research for the last 20 years

Recent findings in metabolism and brain research draw an ever-clearer picture of what influences the body weight is being controlled. Indeed, many factors appear to play a role, such as the number of calories taken into account. A largely unknown influence on weight is the brain itself, which was a renowned metabolic researcher discovered in 20 years of research work. Gehirn. In his research work he has shown that the brain in co-play with the hormone insulin plays a pivotal role in controlling body weight.

Overweight has many root causes

The hormone system, your control signals, and certain brain cells are significantly involved in energy metabolism and thus exert a direct influence on body weight. In view of the ever-increasing number and overweight, their insights play a major role in developing effective countermeasures. Lack of willpower as a major cause for overweight is considered as overbearing.

Insulin and Diabetes

In the past 20 years, metabolism experts and numerous well-known studies have been involved. In this way, he worked out that diabetes develops when body cells do not respond to the hormone insulin or if the body does not produce enough insulin. Insulin takes on a particular value under the hormones, as it is the only hormone that can lower glucose levels in the body, according to Brüning.

Glucose in the blood

Healthy people move their blood sugar levels to the limit. After eating it rises sharply ̵

1; in body effort it quickly falls off. A large portion of glucose is consumed by the muscles. Excess sugars succeed in the liver, where it is converted into fat for long-term storage.

The brain is involved in energy metabolism

In further research as it breaks down its team of receptors for insulin in certain tissues, such as muscle purposefully switch off. Thus, more about the hormone could be brought into experience. Only in this way could the brain be shown to be involved in energy metabolism.

Brain Cells Control Reactions on Insulin

These findings led to the discovery of a small group of cells: the so-called Hypothalamic cells. This brain region is involved in most hormonally regulated processes. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, the team at Brüning was able to demonstrate that these AgRP cells do not control the appetite only, but also determine which glucose they release from our fatty reserves. By now, they also control the brain cells that are sensitive to the body's response to insulin.

Was it found in the body at strong overweight?

Brüning also discovered that AgRP cells from obese individuals do not respond to insulin anymore. It results in insulin resistance, which makes cells unable to perceive your task more accurate. This discovery forms the basis for the development of drugs against obesity.

Award-winning research

The groundbreaking research work of Brüning has recently been awarded with the Heinrich Wieland Prize, which is donated with 100,000 euros. "For the past 20 years, Jens Brüning has provided groundbreaking research to identify the key function of the brain in the regulation of metabolism and to monitor its control of blood sugar, appetite and body weight," Professor F.-Ulrich Hart said of the award. Clerking together. (vb)

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