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BMW X2: Like M35i with 306 PS

The BMW X2 M35i has 306 PS © BMW

The BMW X2 power on sports. The Munich SUV is also listed as M35i des Haustuners M GmbH. Damit BMW at attacks on the small SUV segment and reads along the X2 that plays muscle. The speed, a M35i, lasts price, enhances itself.

With the work gear of the homeowner M GmbH, the SUV price boasts of low wind rates and begins to boost itself with self-conscious 55,200 Euro, with the repairer working late.

One bit more performance than X2 20i. The 2.0-liter Hubraum Turbo Dies features 225 kW / 306 PS and delivers over one drive more robust top model X2 20i.

Evolves a maximum of three torques of 450 Nm and nourishes the front axle legs X2 can be up to 4.9 km / h in 4.9 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. The engine consumes an average of 6.9 liters (158 g / km CO2). Power Supply is one of the 8-speed Steptronic Sport Drive and the Allradi Drive xDrive

X Models as Vacuum Strainers

Who at all so-called M-Performance models remained unmoved at motor tunneling. The sports equipment also modifies the roadmap and linkage. There are a series of differential locks and a still-needed design with a small spoiler on the heels and the option on the indoor gym.

The SUVs of BMW belong to the models that carry the Absorb of the Autobauder. So in the shape of the absentee's X-model, about 20%. The X-models are bigger guarding lines. Thus, the global BMW X2 imbalance of April of the past Jahres more than depleted, while X3's losses reached 71% and X4 a plus of 36 networks. Overall, BMW X employs with 74,049 worldwide leaflets over 43% of total sales. (AG / dpa)

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